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    Published on 4th October 2012 by
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    iPads are getting more common place in todayís society. Parents use it to entertain their children, medical professionals use it in hospitals to access patient information, I use it to read my RSS feeds with Reeder while Iím on the can (donít judge me, have you tried using a laptop on the can? Itís impossible.).

    Steve Jobs famously spoke about a Ďpost-pcí era and even though we still rely heavily on our desktops and notebooks ...
    Published on 4th October 2012 by
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    One of my favourite things about the iPhone is that it's fairly
    painless to throw another SIM card into your iPhone, and have all of
    your carriers settings just work (internet, MMS, voicemail, and
    tethering if your carrier allows it). The way this magic works is that
    Apple actually has the settings for all of the official iPhone carriers
    preloaded into iOS. If you throw in a SIM from a supported carrier,
    the settings are simply loaded and away you go. These are referred to
    as carrier bundles (or, carrier settings according to Apple). ...
    Published on 4th October 2012 by

    Apple is now piloting a program in retail stores globally to help improve maps for iOS 6. According to various sources, retail store employees are being asked on a voluntary basis to submit corrections and improvements to maps, prompting speculation maps needs a little more help than previously thought. ...
    Published on 3rd October 2012 by

    Hey, look! The Apple rumour-sphere kinda lost interest in the iPad mini for a little while because of the iPhone 5, but now it's back. In typical Apple product leak fashion, we now have parts that are reportedly from the iPad mini, including the digitizer, frame, and back housing assemblies. It's also ...
    Published on 2nd October 2012 by
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    Keyboards are a fairly personal thing. Everyone has their favourite, whether it's one with old-style clicky keys or the sleek, modern Apple aluminium model. If you fall into the latter camp, the Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard might be for you.
    Published on 2nd October 2012 by

    The entire Maps business is a pretty huge deal for Apple, and a lot has been said thus far about the series of events that lead up to Apple ditching Google's maps for their own, how Apple could have improved their maps before launch, and even how their maps will improve over time. In case you're wondering, ...
    Published on 2nd October 2012 by

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    Lich Defense by JellyOasis is a new tower defense game released last month. Itís classic gameplay stays true to the genre but it feels different from most tower defense games.

    Lich Defense offers a brand new quest system unseen in TD Games. Each stage players will be presented with 3 Quests or Missions, which they can choose to complete. These bonus missionís range from finishing ...
    Published on 1st October 2012 by

    Published on 1st October 2012 by
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    Before I begin telling the most profitable company in the world how they should've introduced their new Maps app, let me make two points clear.

    1) I don't think Apple maps in iOS 6 are that bad. They're very pretty, fun to play with, just kind of useless if you'd like to look things ...
    Published on 1st October 2012 by

    Over the weekend, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an apology on Maps. The message is short and straight to the point; Cook admits Apple fell short of delivering the best possible experience, and they're hard at work striving to make Apple's Maps better than it currently is. In the meantime, Cook suggests ...

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