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    Published on 27th January 2015 by
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    Walking on air by Dale Gillard, on Flickr

    I hope you all had a great Australia Day long weekend MacTalkers?

    With the Monday off it is a bumper news morning this Tuesday.

    We kick off with what are purported to be the first pictures of the 12-inch MacBook Air lid and display. We picked them up at 9to5Mac but they originated at iFanr. An area that caught 9to5Mac’s eye was the logo and the fact that ...
    Published on 23rd January 2015 by
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    Logo, Apple Store Sydney by Dale Gillard, on Flickr

    One big mystery about the Apple Watch is the expected battery life. Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac is reporting that sources are now indicating the target battery life levels Apple is seeking. One of the issues they face is that the sources indicate the processer and high quality screen are both heavy power users. As a result it seems they are looking for around 2.5 to 4 hours for active application use and around 3-4 days for standby and sleep mode. Active and passive ...
    Published on 22nd January 2015 by
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    The Glass Stairs by Shaun Garrity, on Flickr

    The revamp of the Beats Music service seems to have gotten a step closer with a report from the Guardian that Apple has acquired the company behind Mucismetric. The report suggest that the acquisition of Semetric is likely to form part of the relaunch of the Beats Music service.

    There have been lots of statistics floating around ...
    Published on 21st January 2015 by
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    Photo: Apple.com

    Apple is it seems looking to build excitement ahead of the upcoming store opening in Hangzhou, China this Saturday. Ahead of the opening the entire front of the store has been covered by a massive mural of a 2,000 year old poem that celebrates the importance of the city. The mural is hand painted by Wang Dongling. You can watch a video of its creation over ...
    Published on 20th January 2015 by
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    Latest Official Apple Campus photo Image Cupertino.org

    Apple likes to make a big deal about how much it has paid out to App developers under the iOS App store. It is however hard to find out what that means for most developers, with many believing a large portion of the payments is going to a select small group of developers.

    Some light is being shed on ...
    Published on 19th January 2015 by
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    A possible design for a haptic stylus from an Apple patent application in 2010 via Macrumors

    The latest rumour regarding the so called iPad Pro is that it will come with a Stylus. 9to5Mac report that the prediction is made by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Whilst normally Kuo relies on reports from supply chain contacts, this report doesn’t appear to have been based on those. ...
    Published on 16th January 2015 by
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    Logo, Apple Store Sydney by Dale Gillard, on Flickr

    The rumours for the iPhone 6s are starting to pick up with Macrumors claiming that the expected next iPhone may have 2GB of faster RAM and ‘Force Touch” technology. The claim originates from TechNews Taiwan. Another reported advantage of the LPDDR4 RAM is that it offers lower power consumption along with the increased performance. ...
    Published on 15th January 2015 by
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    It is not often we get to report on a new Channel on Apple TV and it being a truly Australian story. However the announcement yesterday that Cricket Australia and Apple have teamed up to release an official channel on the Apple TV is something a bit different. The free channel will provide a library of cricket videos in high definition. With news features, extended highlights and archive ...
    Published on 14th January 2015 by
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    ​The mock up of the possible MacBook Air 12-inch by 9to5Mac.

    After the reported possible specs for the rumoured upcoming 12-inch MacBook Air Retina, Digitimes is now reporting that they believe the new model will debut in the first quarter of 2015 as production ramps at manufacturer Quanta.

    Not that Mac sales are going all that bad it seems. Macrumors has picked up the Gartner ...
    Published on 13th January 2015 by
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    Apple has pushed out a new beta of iOS 8.2 to developers and according to 9to5Mac it now contains a reference to an Apple Watch App. A panel inside the Bluetooth menu now makes reference to the Apple Watch and the need to use the Apple Watch App to pair the devices.

    Meanwhile Cult of Mac reports that site analytics is beginning to show up iOS 9, suggesting that Apple is beginning to ...

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    Remove RAW images when both RAW and JPEG format images of the same photo occur

    I don't quite understand what your DIL moving with the camera has to do with it. Or, have you been using the camera with a card in it to download to

    kyte Today, 06:51 AM Go to last post

    Anyone driving Melb to Syd this week?

    I'm looking for a lift and can contribute towards fuel.

    I'm currently in South Yarra but moving to Sydney.

    simonm Yesterday, 04:55 PM Go to last post

    Watching movies from my Macbook pro on TV? How do I connect

    You have to do it after you have connected the cable. It may list the TV you have connected to as an option.

    mick132 Yesterday, 04:27 PM Go to last post

    Everything TAM...

    You traded a TAM for an iMac..?

    How did you buy your TAM? Probably been over it before, but the memory isn't what it used to

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    Boxer DOS Emulator

    None that I have noticed in the times i have used it but that is not that often it does work but i think it would depend on what you want to do with

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    Remove RAW images when both RAW and JPEG format images of the same photo occur

    Thank you for your helpful comments Soulman and Kyte. Sorry to have taken so long to reply.

    I did what you suggested Soulman, using the

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    Boxer DOS Emulator

    Any known issues with this application ?


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    Everything TAM...

    Ahh memories on trading in my origal LC and RGB monitor on a TAM when the price fell, late 1997 I think. Ran OS 8.6 on mine and it flew, well flew relatively

    harryb2448 Yesterday, 08:53 AM Go to last post

    Blue/cyan cast in sRGB on 13.3" Macbook Pro

    I found a post on 'apple.slashdot.org' regarding OS X Mavericks and colour management:

    "Apple has really fucked up big time on 10.9.

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    Everything TAM...

    The 5500/6500 thing is annoying. I find it easier to upgrade my 5500 than pulling the TAM apart.

    When testing USB cards, it stick them in

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