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    Published on 29th August 2014 by
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    Yes it is now official, overnight Apple has issued the press with invites to an event on September 9. The tag line “Wish we could say more”. What does that mean, who knows but you can speculate away in the thread started by Oldmacs.

    The event will be held at the Flint Center, which has been used before, and it seems Apple is adding its own touch to the site. The Loop has posted photo’s showing Apple is constructing ...
    Published on 28th August 2014 by
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    The big news this morning is the report from John Paczkowski at Re/code, who is making the call that the Apple wearable will be unveiled at the rumoured upcoming September 9 event. This would see the iWatch shown alongside the expected two new iPhones.

    Paczkowski was the person who made the original call on September 9 and had previously expected the wearable to be shown in October. He does still believe there will be ...
    Published on 27th August 2014 by
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    The Glass Stairs by Shaun Garrity, on Flickr

    We start with a little bit of MacTalk house keeping this morning.

    After it’s recent relaunch we are seeking your feedback on the MacTalk Weekly e-mail newsletter. We want your thoughts on what should be in it and when it should be issued. Also we think the current name “MacTalk Weekly Wrap” needs a makeover.

    So I have posted a couple of polls and a new name suggestion thread, over in the MacTalk Site discussion area of ...
    Published on 26th August 2014 by
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    by Shaun Garrity, on Flickr

    Do you find yourself wondering what the next 4.7-inch iPhone 6 might look like against an iPhone 5? Well wonder no more, 9to5Mac are carrying shots from Yaya888 and Gizmobic. Not surprisingly it looks slightly bigger and slightly thinner. By now you know the drill, we don’t know if they are real but it certainly seems to match other shots we have ...
    Published on 25th August 2014 by
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    It is no surprise I am sure that we are dominated by iPhone 6 leaks and rumours this morning.

    Cult of Mac leads off with some shots from French site iGen, which claim to show the engineering prototypes of the two new iPhones 6 compared to the current 5S. They also appear to show the exact dimensions, which indicate that the 5.5-inch version will be 60% heavier than the current iPhone 5S. That ...
    Published on 22nd August 2014 by
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    Are you taking part in the Yosemite public beta? Well start your download engines, as the public beta 2 has now been released. This will bring the public beta back into line with the developer preview, which was updated late last month. Of course if you are taking part, let us know how the new beta goes in the Yosemite Public Beta forum thread.

    If you are a user of iWorks, Pages for iPhone & iPad and Keynote ...
    Published on 21st August 2014 by
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    Apple Sydney store logo by Shaun Garrity, on Flickr

    It is not just iPhones that will be updated later this year, the iPad should get refreshed and the iPad Air leads us off this morning. A report from TEchNews.tw, via 9to5Mac, claims that the next iPad Air will double the RAM from 1GB to 2GB. Interestingly the report claims the iPad Mini with Retina display however will not get the increased RAM. ...
    Published on 20th August 2014 by
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    Apple Store, Louvre by Dale Gillard, on Flickr

    With the latest beta of OS X Yosemite in the wild, you may be asking where is the iOS 8 beta? Beta 6 for iOS hasn’t been released to developers just yet, but Apple’s software partners have been seeded iOS 8 beta 6 according to the site Boy Genius Report. They report that this is because the GM build is so close and Apple plans to release the GM to developers assuming ...
    Published on 19th August 2014 by
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    If you are taking part in the OS X Yosemite beta, then you have work this morning downloading the sixth developer preview. Reports indicate that there are some new icons in System preferences, new wallpapers and various other interface changes. Let us know once you have had a play over in the developer beta thread here.

    For those of you taking part in the Public beta, you will have to wait a bit longer as there is no ...
    Published on 18th August 2014 by
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    The iPhone 6 pictures just keep on coming. This time 9to5Mac has picked up pictures from the Hong Kong based Apple Daily website, that claim to show both of the new iPhones and also the larger battery of the 5.5-inch version. The battery in the photos is a massive 2915mAh as compared to the current iPhone 5s battery size of 1560mAh. As they note in the report, you shouldn’t assume that means longer battery ...

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