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    Published on 27th May 2015 by
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    This one is for the wireless geeks out there. 9to5Mac are reporting that in OS 10.10.4 Apple have dropped discoveryd and reverted to the previous methods used in prior versions of OS X. This change has followed from many complaints from developers about the poor networking performance under Yosemite. I know the network share issue identified in the story is something we see on our network ...
    Published on 26th May 2015 by
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    From left to right: Alan Dye, Jony Ive and Richard Howarth (Photo: Gabriela Hasbun for The Telegraph)

    Given it was a holiday in the US overnight; you might be forgiven for thinking that there might not be much news around. That is pretty much correct but there is one fairly significant piece of news.

    Apple has confirmed in an internal e-mail obtained ...
    Published on 25th May 2015 by
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    9to5Mac have continued their reveal of the expected upcoming iOS and OS X updates expected at WWDC. This time their sources are indicating that Apple is limiting new features in favour of a “big focus on quality”. It had previously been reported that this was the case with iOS 9 but the same approach is expected to be used with OS X 10.11. In both cases it seems there will be plenty of under the hood improvements and new security features.

    Also on the WWDC front, Apple is expected ...
    Published on 22nd May 2015 by
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    With WWDC fast approaching attention is beginning to turn to what we might see on the OS front revealed to developers. According to 9to5Mac we will see the new system font from the Apple Watch rolled out across the full Apple range. Now that may excite some, since it seems there is much angst at the use of Helvetica Neue and its focus on clean lines rather than readability.

    There could ...
    Published on 20th May 2015 by  Number of Views: 1183 
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    Meet the MacTalkers

    Welcome to our much overdue next edition of 'Meet the MacTalkers'. Apologies for the delay with this one!

    The last MacTalker that we got to know was Lawrencium, so today we get to virtually meet his requested interviewee, Nibbles. Nibbles is one of Mactalk's moderators, who works hard to ensure Mactalk is a great site for everyone. So happy reading Mactalkers:


    What does your username and avatar mean?

    A nibble, more than a bit, less than a byte and it’s actually a unit of measure Nibble - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My avatar is slightly less interesting, It’s my initials in an Adobe CS4 icon style.


    I’m one of about 10 code monkeys employed at a local company. The rest of my time is spent flying aeroplanes and doing computer sciencey stuff at the University of Wollongong.


    Flight level 360

    What's your poison?

    Poison? I don’t drink alcohol if that’s what you mean. ...
    Published on 20th May 2015 by
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    It is nice to be starting the morning news with some new, well refreshed, Apple computers leading the way. Kicking us of is an upgrade to the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina, which has received an upgrade to Force Touch, faster flash storage, longer battery life and faster discrete graphics. Interestingly in their release Apple says the flash storage is 2.5 times faster than the previous model. The new models are up at the Apple store and ready to order starting at $2,799 here in Australia.

    Also getting a refresh, though ...
    Published on 18th May 2015 by
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    Between being busy and there not being much news late last week, we have a bit of catching up to do here at the MacTalk news desk.

    So lets see what was making news at the end of last week and today.

    If you have ever found yourself having to many contacts to sync with iCloud then you will be pleased, and I suspect in the minority, to hear that Apple has lifted the limit from the pervious 25,000 contact limit to 50,000. I am not even sure I could come up with 25,000 contacts!

    Meanwhile it seems if you are in the market for a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro you might want to wait until WWDC. A ...
    Published on 13th May 2015 by
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    One of the areas Apple is very focused on is its environmental impact across all of its business, and it is these days something it is quite proud of. So no doubt the team at Cupertino will be very pleased with the new report from Greenpeace that praises Apple for aggressively leading in renewable energy initiatives. 9to5Mac report that in its latest report titled “Clicking Clean: A guide ...
    Published on 11th May 2015 by
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    With WWDC fast approaching attention is turning to the relaunch of the Beats Music service. After the reports of Apple trying to end the free streaming on Spotify Re/Code reports that Apple will have some free features in their new service. According to Re/code there will be a free trial period, which may extend up to three months, depending on how negotiations with the labels ...
    Published on 8th May 2015 by
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    With talk of Apple being looked at by various agencies over its behaviour towards music labels and its upcoming relaunch of the Beats Music service, it appears Spotify is looking to ramp the fight up. According to a report at the Verge, Spotify is also not happy with the way Apple applies its 30% share of App Store sales. This in their view forces them to raise their price giving Apple ...

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    Is it possible to buy a new graphics card for my computer

    I went through the se crap with a 24" white iMac. Reballed Nvidia GPU only lasted 3 months. $300 wasted.

    You can buy GPUs online but

    leon 26th May 2015, 09:19 AM Go to last post
    Bastard Sheep

    Connecting multiple network shares from same server at login.

    This has been annoying me for a while but not enough to really do anything about. All of my searches bring up issues connecting entirely to a server,

    Bastard Sheep 26th May 2015, 08:52 AM Go to last post

    Is it possible to buy a new graphics card for my computer

    Sure you can buy them, do you have the confidence/ ability to be able to actually do it.

    It's a pretty decent job and not something most

    lostom 26th May 2015, 08:35 AM Go to last post

    Netflix+ Apple Tv

    Ok understood, not remotely interested in Hulu, but Netflix def appeals.

    Thanks for clearing that up, appreciate your help and feedback.

    lostom 26th May 2015, 08:30 AM Go to last post

    Is it possible to buy a new graphics card for my computer

    I have a 24 inch silver iMac. The graphics card went out. Apple wants $800 for a new board. On eBay I spent $89 for a guy to reball it. That only lasted

    tomkatzid 26th May 2015, 02:46 AM Go to last post

    The latest saga with my Macbook Pro

    Yep - happens across 4 correct wattage chargers.

    Genius bar did the repairs...

    My Mac is now back to shutting down randomly

    Oldmacs 25th May 2015, 09:25 PM Go to last post
    The Guv

    The latest saga with my Macbook Pro

    Stupid question but is the charger the right wattage? If the GB did the upgrades perhaps they've nudged something. Done all the PRAM etc stuff?

    The Guv 25th May 2015, 05:39 PM Go to last post

    Firewall Software

    Or you could take an old PC and turn it into a firewall. There are a number of options that will offer the basics of what you want such as IPCop, Smoothwall

    MadKiwi 25th May 2015, 05:13 PM Go to last post

    iphone 4s sounds work but phone not ringing for incoming calls/notifications/msg's

    Check & see if "do not disturb" is turned on in settings.

    gw2111 25th May 2015, 05:03 PM Go to last post

    Acquire Learning Reviews

    I have tried to post my response on the other thread http://www.mactalk.com.au/8/113508-t...institute.html Here.

    JulieHarris 25th May 2015, 02:47 PM Go to last post