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    Published on 22nd May 2014 by
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    Is that a X-Wing or just my old Xtand for the iPhone 3G

    Another day and still no Beats deal and in the run up to WWDC the news is starting to get a bit thinner on the ground. Still a few interesting things floating around this morning.

    Before we get into the Apple news it seems that eBay has been hacked. In a statement the company confirmed the breach and that encrypted password information ...
    Published on 21st May 2014 by
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    A slower news night last night, with the main tech focus being on a Microsoft event in New York. We will tell you what the boys and girls at Redmond unveiled a little later in the news.

    First however iMore brings us up to speed on the next Intel chip. Named Broadwell, the chips will provide increased efficency and power over the current Haswell CPUs.

    It seems these were due earlier but will be launched later this year. Intel chief Brian ...
    Published on 20th May 2014 by
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    Around four months ago, I faced a dilemma. Only a week away from commencing my studies, my already problematic MacBook Air decided that it was game over. Attempt to imagine this scenario for a moment. You have a limited budget, limited time and now, limited patience because your electronic companion has decided that now is an excellent time to leave. Iíd have been livid if I wasnít already preoccupied with freaking out.

    Fortunately, I had another computer in storage. An old MacBook Pro. It was covered in dust and its battery didnít hold a charge. Not to mention itís one of those models notorious for developing graphics processor issues. It was in desperate need of attention if it were to survive the amount of use it was about to endure.

    When it comes to keeping an older computer alive, I have some experience. For several years I worked at an Apple Authorised Service Provider, maintaining machines as old as the PowerBook G4 that were still being used as recently as last year. Some of these machines were my own.

    What I would like to share here are some of the tips and tricks I know and learned in the process of keeping these machines ticking away. From simply ...
    Published on 20th May 2014 by
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    Apple Rainbow Logo by Andy Woo, on Flickr

    We roll on into Tuesday news and there is more Patent news and a celebration of Apple Retail.

    First off however we start with a possible new legal case for Apple. As we reported last week, it seems users switching to Android may have issues getting text messages from iPhone users. America being America of course someone has now filed a lawsuit seeking class action Status according to the report at TUAW via Bloomberg. As yet it seems the ...
    Published on 19th May 2014 by
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    Greetings fellow Mactalkers and trust we all had a good weekend?

    Some good threads running around on the forum at the moment and some interesting problems being discussed and solved. So make sure to jump into the forums (after you have read my news of course).

    This bright Monday morning we wake to the news of possible patent peace in our time. Google and Apple have reached a agreement to drop all lawsuits between the two companies related to smartphones. ...
    Published on 16th May 2014 by
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    The Genius Bar with my name in lights at number 2 by Shaun Garrity

    Welcome to the casual Friday edition of the Mactalk daily news.

    Last week ended with the story breaking that Apple was close to buying Beats Electronics. Despite all that has been written this week, as yet there is no deal done.

    In fact the team at re/code tell us that it likely wonít be closed until next week.

    Given the re/code team have in the past, particularly as the All Things D team at the WSJ, seemed to have ...
    Published on 15th May 2014 by
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    Firstly, we wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to post recently about suggestions for MacTalk. While some of it has been hard to hear, itís been a necessary process where we get to read the good and bad. Itís also been really heartening to see all the people who want to contribute and add to what is a really passionate community.

    MacTalk is really is an amazing resource, which has helped ...
    Published on 15th May 2014 by
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    Good morning Mactalkers and welcome to the Thursday morning news.

    Some interesting items to look at this morning.

    It seems despite the chorus of people predicting doom for Apple it just keeps on selling its products. This time we have a report on the growth in market share in Japan for the iPhone to kick things off.

    iPhone market share grows in Japan

    Bloomberg reports that Apple saw its share of the Japanese market to 36.6% up from 25.5% a year earlier according to MM Research Institute Ltd.

    The rise comes on the back of Japans largest carrier by subscribers NTT Docomo Inc. starting to sell the iPhone last September. ...
    Published on 14th May 2014 by
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    The Glass Stairs (by Me)

    Happy hump day Mactalkers.

    Lotís of rumours to report, still no deal on the Beats Acquisition but that doesnít seem to be stopping people writing about it!

    As I settle into the new seat, feel free to message me about what you might like to see in the daily news.

    At the moment I am steering clear of the purported mock up of the iPhones 6 but hey you might think that is exactly what we need to be bringing you here. Also not boring you with all the Beats writing until there is something more concrete.

    Anyway on with the news and oh thankfully there will be no budget updates.

    Is NFC finally coming to the iPhone ...
    Published on 13th May 2014 by
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    Day 2 as the local Mactalk newshound and already surprised at the places you find Apple news.

    So put those Beats headphones aside and read on fellow Mactalkers as we visit our very own Sunshine Coast to start the daily news round up.

    Sunshine Coast Man lays claim to a major aspect of the Carplay system

    Mactalker Goodbye found a interesting story in the Sunshine Coast Daily about the local Tony Magrathea, who claims Apple stole his idea for their Carplay system.

    If, despite the number of issues raised in the articles comments, the mooted legal action takes place we will hear more about this. ...

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