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    Published on 31st August 2010 by

    As sure as a meat pie needs more tomato sauce; our home computers will always need more data storage. It is a simple enough problem; you don't have enough space on your hard drive so look to expand via external drives. The only question is how much space do you need and how are you going to connect it to your computer? ...
    Published on 30th August 2010 by

    How can you verify an achieved skill level?

    How can you prove you have the knowledge and experience to deliver a certain skill set?

    How do you lift yourself above everyone else competing for a particular job?

    How can you take your existing skills and develop them further?

    In all of these cases, and many more, undertaking training that leads to certification can be the answer.

    Experience and practice are valuable and there’s no substitute for either.  But how do you measure experience?  How do you place a value on it?

    Certification sets a quantifiable standard to be reached. If you reach that standard, you get the certification.

    Having proof of attaining a certain standard helps to separate you from anyone else also looking for the same job, or competing for the same contract.  In some cases, certification isn’t optional.  If you want to work as a computer tech doing in-warranty repairs on Apple equipment then ACMT is a pre-requisite - you can’t do the work unless you have the certification.

    Published on 30th August 2010 by


    MacTalk Interviews is looking for a sponsor! If you're interested in sponsoring this podcast, shoot me an email.

    MacTalk Interviews are back! Mr. Peter Wells talks to someone interesting every week that has to do with Apple - this week he is talking to Tim Burrows head honcho over at Mumbrella, Australia's premier blog on PR, marketing and the media. Pete and Tim chat about media, Newspaper apps on the iPad, blogging for a living and how recent scandals like antennagate have taken the shine of the all powerful Apple ...
    Published on 30th August 2010 by

    <a href="http://www.mactalk.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/SteveJobsFlipOff.png"><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-9443" src="http://www.mactalk.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/SteveJobsFlipOff-300x257.png" alt="" width="300" height="257" /></a>Those cool kids at Bjango have a post up on their blog telling us <a href="http://bjango.com/articles/designingforretina/" target="_blank">how they make their awesome iPhone apps ready for that gorgeous retina display</a> - and while it does involve a little bit of legwork (or should that be mousework?), but there are steps you can take to ease the process.

    A couple of weeks ago there was a Graphics Update for Snow Leopard and it was mostly to do with gaming. There's a pretty in-depth post over at the Steam website <a href="http://store.steampowered.com/news/4211/" target="_blank">detailing exactly what the performance improvements were</a>, and if you're at all interested in floating point variables and occlusion queries, then you'd best be heading over there to read it.

    <a href="http://www.slidetoplay.com/story/dodonpachi-resurrection-review" target="_blank">Dodonpachi Resurrection is one of those vertical-shooter games</a> that eventuates in crazy bullets and laser effects flying all over the screen at any one time, and for that reason it'll only run on newer devices like the iPhone 3GS or the iPhone 4. It's available on the App Store right now, and Slide to Play say "a mobile port of this game would not have been considered possible a couple of years ago". Ah, technology.

    Published on 29th August 2010 by

    <p style="text-align: center;"><img class="size-full wp-image-9411 aligncenter" title="title" src="http://www.mactalk.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/title.png" alt="" width="283" height="44" /></p>
    Everyone has a list of apps they install straight away on a new Mac - for many, including me, that list starts with <a href="http://agilewebsolutions.com/products/1Password">1Password</a>.  If you've never heard about it, or you've been meaning to check it out, read on!

    Published on 29th August 2010 by

    Apple's annual music event takes place this Thursday, and as the countdown approaches zero all your favourite tech pundits have been speculating. First up is John Gruber, who has a fairly reliable record when it comes to keynote predictions. Few specifics have been mentioned as yet, but he does expect Game Center to debut with iOS 4.1, which he predicts won't be available until later in the year for iPad (under a 4.2 version number), along with "a new iPhone 4-caliber iPod Touch (retina display, dual FaceTime-ready cameras), new iTunes TV show rentals, and a new iOS-based Apple TV" (Apple Event - Daring Fireball).

    Dave Caolo chimes in with most of the common rumours, adding some sourced information about 99c TV show rentals "with new episodes becoming available just 24 hours after their original air time". Don't hold your breath for that one here in Australia though, Apple usually launches iTunes Store additions in the US before anywhere else, and when they do come here expect to pay somewhere in the vicinity of $1.19 (In Brief: September 1 Apple event - TUAW).

    Looking at Apple's press invitation for the 2010 event, it's hard to believe this will focus on television and gaming - but that's not necessarily the case. A chronology of the last seventeen Apple events show that taglines and graphics often have very little effect on what is subsequently announced, except for a few well known exceptions (such as the "There's Something In The Air" tagline at Macworld 2008, where the MacBook Air was introduced). So keep your hopes up for Apple TV Take 3 on Thursday morning (Apple Events Chronology - AAPLinvestors)!

    Published on 28th August 2010 by

    This is a bit of an odd review for one simple reason - the product question I actually purchased accidentally. It's also probably not something I would have purchased normally, but I had some store credit to use up and was actually looking for a conventional mouse pad. Whilst looking at the list of pads, I wanted a design that was fairly simply for work and I looked and clicked in a bit of a rush assuming that this was just a convention black mouse pad. The first time I noticed my mistake was when the order arrived and the mouse pad was rolled up in a box about 2cm in diameter, not exactly what you'd expect when receiving a mouse pad. In hind site, it was probably one of the better mistakes I've made in a while because I’ve been looking for a mobile mouse pad and this fits the bill perfectly. ...
    Published on 27th August 2010 by

    The Maclove Titan for iPad is an iPad stand, heavily inspired by the aluminium stand on Apple’s iMac. This stand design first appeared back in 2004, when Apple released their aluminium Apple Cinema Display and iMac G5. If your idea of computing heaven is some sort of fusion between an iMac and an iPad, then this stand will let you live out that fantasy (in miniature scale), without being forced to wait for Apple to release the iMacTouch. ...

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