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    Published on 22nd September 2014 by
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    If you were one of the ones that managed to get in on the pre-order list and had your phone delivered already, I donít think this review will worry you too much. Youíll already have had your phone for a couple of days and you will probably have made up your mind. For those of you that havenít received yours, I hope this review doesnít make the decision more difficult.

    When launch day arrived I had a 128GB 6 Plus on pre-order. I was headed up to get some bread and milk just before 8 when I noticed the store near our house was open and there were only 5 people in the queue. I decided to go in and have a look at the phones and that's where my problems started. Like most of the previous iPhone users, Iíd wanted the 6 plus because it was bigger and better, but I hadn't really thought about how big was and how much it may impact the way I work. It's big and one handed typing ...
    Published on 22nd September 2014 by
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    I am sure we are all coming down from our iPhone 6 launch high and many of you are in fact the proud owners of your shiny new gadget.

    However the news in the Apple world never stops and so it is on with the Monday Morning News.

    First up, as with any new device the team over at iFixit have torn it apart, you can see what is inside your new toy in the video below. A intersting discovery reported by the iFixIt ...
    Published on 19th September 2014 by  Number of Views: 14701 
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    iOS 8 on the iPad 2
    The iPad that just wonít die:

    Back in 2011, Steve Jobs took to the stage to announce the iPad 2. Few would have imagined that over 3 and a half years later, it would still be relevant. Almost no one would have guessed it would have had a shelf life of 3 years.

    Arguably, the iPad 2 was the first tablet to really define the market expectations. When it was introduced, it didnít really have one ground breaking feature specifically. Sure it was thinner, lighter, faster and had two Cameras. It was the combination of these features that combined to make a great iPad experience particularly compared to the iPad 1.

    As time has gone past, the 2 has received many an update. iOS 5, iOS 6. Some people felt that support would stop ...
    Published on 19th September 2014 by
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    iPhone Line 6 Doncaster, day before by Shaun Garrity, on Flickr

    I am just going to pretend you are not all in lines for iPhones or madly waiting for the courier, and do a normal daily news. It seems from early reports lines are moving well, stocks are dwindling fast and couriers are being run off their feet.

    If you thought you were getting some time off after updating to iOS 8 yesterday you are wrong. Apple has released the latest Mavericks 10.9.5 update and an updated version of Safari 7.1. So if you ...
    Published on 18th September 2014 by
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    There is really only one place to start the news today, iOS 8 has been released and is ready for download. One thing that will trip many of us up, it did me on my iPad Air, is you need quite a bit of storage to do the upgrade. In my case on the Air I need 6.9GB of free storage. So the rest of my morning will be trying to trim down my iPad.

    Once again a warning not to upgrade to iCloud Drive when asked during ...
    Published on 17th September 2014 by
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    We bought you part one of the Charlie Rose interview with Tim Cook on Monday. Today we bring you part two, the final part of the interview. In it Cook discusses privacy, U2 and his thoughts on what comes after the Internet.

    iOS 8 is due for release sometime later today. As Macworld in the US note though, we all need to be very careful to not upgrade to iCloud Drive just yet. iCloud drive is designed to work ...
    Published on 16th September 2014 by
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    Did you mange to get an opening day iPhone 6 order in? Well congratulations, you are one of over 4 million pre-orders on the first day according to an Apple press release. Apple says that the pre-orders in excess of 4 million units are a record for the iPhone and exceeded the pre-order supply levels. As a result some phones will be delivered in October. Apple did however make the point in the press release that stock ...
    Published on 15th September 2014 by
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    With iPhone 6 pre-orders out of the way, what is an Apple fanboy or fangirl to do this week?

    My suggestion is set a hour aside and watch the first half of the Tim Cook interview with Charlie Rose. You can watch it below, or if the embed is giving you some trouble over here at Hulu.com. It will flash a message that the video is only viewable in America but, it will in fact just start playing as it is not geo blocked.

    Published on 12th September 2014 by
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    It is iPhone 6 pre-order day and that is all most MacTalkers are thinking about today. Not your trusty MacTalk newshound though, I am still pounding the streets to bring you the lowdown on Apple news.

    Like me, some of you may have received an e-mail overnight from Apple regarding your iCloud storage. Apple has now begun the process of rolling out its new iCloud storage bands. In my ...
    Published on 11th September 2014 by
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    The day after a big Apple Keynote is always a little bit a downer. We have over a week to wait for pre-orders of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and that Apple Watch is sometime away still.

    Not to fear though, there is still some news bouncing around out there on the Internet.

    Apple did actually release a new product in Australia yesterday. As had been hinted at Apple released AppleCare + ...

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