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    Published on 18th February 2010 by

    Cheers to Ram City for sponsoring the MacTalk Podcast - check them out if you need RAM!


    Lauren Watson (prerecorded), Alex Reid (Al Aero), Christopher Kahler (arkenstone), Kieran McIlwain (Exocet) and Anthony Agius (decryption) talked on this one.

    Download Enhanced AAC or MP3 ...

    Published on 18th February 2010 by

    I admit it, for the last fifteen years or so Iíve been almost exclusively Windows-centric. Iím sure thereís a Mac-specific term for this but I havenít found it yet. So, Iíll use sysprep for now.

    What do I mean? In Windows thereís a set of tools available that lets you build a reference computer with all the latest updates, pre-installed drivers and software and your own configurations. Then you strip out all the bits that make it a unique computer such as user profiles and their associated passwords, unique computer identifiers and so on. At the end of this you have a reference install of Windows that you can take an image of and deploy to other computers. The first time you boot on a new computer it goes through some basic setup stuff and away you go.

    Because I run a computer business that sells (and services) Apple computers Iíve been looking for a way to achieve the same sort of thing. What follows in this article is the results of a some in-depth research and putting together bits and pieces from various sources.

    My result is a disk image (.dmg) file that I can use to restore on any current version of Mac hardware (laptop and desktop Ė although untested on a Mac Pro) that will have a user environment Iíve already configured and with additional software that Iíd like available. It hasnít got any pre-existing users created but runs the standard Apple welcome/setup process when first booted up instead Ė that way you get to create a new user profile for the new owner of the computer.

    So, the processÖ ...
    Published on 18th February 2010 by

    <img class="alignright size-full wp-image-5061" src="http://www.mactalk.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/steve-jobs-apple-hands-ap.jpg" alt="steve-jobs-apple-hands-ap" width="360" height="270" />Wired have showed off their digital version of the†<a ...
    Published on 17th February 2010 by

    This week we look at Riddim Ribbon, a tilt-based game featuring music from The Black Eyed Peas and Tennis Stats, an incredibly detailed and functional Tennis match statistics manager.

    Riddim Ribbon

    riddim 1

    Tapulous is no stranger to the iPhone app development scene. They are, after all, the people behind Tap Tap Revenge, which literally shot to the top of iTunes' App Store charts from day one of release. With two sequels under their belt and a collection of artist-themed editions of the ubiquitous music rhythm game, the Tap Tap franchise is a true iPhone phenomenon. Riddim Ribbon is the latest game to come out of their doors and it acts a perfect supplement to their other music titles, despite somewhat rudimentary gameplay at launch.

    The game is almost entirely based on using your accelerometer to control the ball rolling along a musical race-course. Stay on track to gain points and bonuses, while tilting in the wrong direction puts the beat out of rhythm and tone. Just like Tap Tap, the goal is to rack up as many points as you can (score enough and the 'Medium' and 'Hard' modes of each track will be unlocked for more exciting gameplay). Each track includes several cleverly incorporated remixes that can be selected by choosing a path. Tilt to the left track for one remix, tilt to the right for the other. Meanwhile, keeping the progress bar in the bottom left corner full is vital to pass the checkpoints scattered throughout each song. On my older iPhone 3G, the game takes quite some time to load (and responds slowly to actions during the first few seconds of gameplay). Naturally, Riddim Ribbon puts a huge strain on battery life too.

    Published on 17th February 2010 by


    You've probably heard about pocket projectors for a while now. Tiny little devices that can shoot an image up on to a wall, anywhere, at will. The Digishow Handheld Projector is one such device. ...
    Published on 17th February 2010 by

    jobs_steveEl Jobso might be ready to spill the beans on his whole life and stuff.

    Some dude from RIM reckons the iPhone is a network killer.

    Google Buzz, or Google bust?

    9to5Mac said they had a hot tip on iPhone OS 4.0... but no one else has picked it up... yet!

    Jail breakers beware... actually, don't worry about it... hackers beware!

    I gleefully reported Aperture 3's release last week. Turns out it has a memory leak. There is an update, but I'm not sure if that stops you getting gooey Aperture 3 memory all over your desk. Speaking of gooey stuff all over your des... actually never mind.

    Have you been waiting for a Meebo iPhone app? ...
    Published on 16th February 2010 by

    Cheers to Ram City for sponsoring the MacTalk Podcast & Can Touch This - check them out if you need RAM!


    Talking about apps this episode is Rob (robc), Dan (zillatron), Shawn (the gaffer guy), Gavin (mrbrut), Anthony (decryption). These are the apps we talked about:

    $20 iTunes gift cards giveaways are back! Recommend us an app in this thread and each episode, we will pick one of those apps and PM you a ...

    Published on 16th February 2010 by

    Good Morning Everyone. On this day in 2006 the last Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) was decommissioned by the US Army, we mark the tragedies of the 1983 Ash Wednesday fires which tragically claimed the lives of 75 people and in 1947 Canadian Prime Minister William King becomes the first Canadian citizen being British subjects.

    Microsoft has unveiled their challenge to the iPhone/Android phone. The Windows Phone takes a great deal of architecture from the iPhone and Android OS. Gizmodo has a pretty serious write-up about the new phone.

    The main focus on the Win7 phone is the new UI functionality and how Apple is now left in the dust. I tend to agree here. The problem with Android and all of the other smart phones that came out was they were clones of the iPhone. No company truly created a new UI like Apple did. Microsoft seem to have done that and kudos to them. I'm also excited for Else's new sPlay UI ...
    Published on 15th February 2010 by

    512finderleopardfull-2If you're like me, you find Finder a little lean on features...

    Sure, it's functional, it offers great ways to navigate files and it's nice and snappy (very snappy in its Cocoa form on Snow Leopard), but even compared to the near-abysmal Windows Explorer, it's missing some key features by default.

    I really want to love the Finder, so to that end, here's a quick guide to turning on some hidden features and add-ons that make Finder a nicer place to be! ...
    Published on 15th February 2010 by

    <img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-4929" src="http://www.mactalk.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/steve_jobs_512-300x300.png" alt="steve_jobs_512" width="300" height="300" />This morning in the news: Asus want to become "<a href="http://www.hardmac.com/news/2010/02/12/asus-wants-to-become-another-apple?">the next Apple</a>".

    Office snapshots <a href="http://www.officesnapshots.com/2008/02/04/apple-hq-cupertino-campus/">tour Apple HQ at One Infinite Loop, Cupertino</a>.

    The first iPhone <a href="http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/news/comments/first-iphone-os-3.2-app-appears-on-app-store/">OS 3.2-compatible app has appeared on the app store</a>, citing "updates for OS 3.2" as it's claim to fame. For those who are about to expand text, we salute you.

    <a href="http://www.macworld.com/article/146217/2010/02/apple_tutorials.html"> ...

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