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    Published on 6th October 2014 by
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    We have been expecting a new iPad Air to drop this month, along with Yosemite and possibly an updated iMac Retina. Re/code are now saying the event will be held on 16 October at the company’s own town hall. I wouldn’t be backing against Re/code on this one, so put it in your diary.

    Of course that event will be following on from the massive iPhone 6 and iWatch event. Which is a great way to lead into talking about the iPhone 6.

    Digitimes is reporting that the iPhone 6 Plus is making up 60% of iPhone production. Now as many other sites have pointed out, production does not equal sales. Also I think the evidence most us are seeing is more iPhone 6 units in the wild ...
    Published on 3rd October 2014 by
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    9to5Mac have picked up a report from the Chinese site Feng that the Apple Watch may go on sale in February next year. The report also suggests that due to not being able to get enough sapphire, the watch will launch with limited numbers in the higher end models. As 9to5Mac note, the low ender end Apple Watch Sport does not use sapphire and should not be impacted.

    Speaking of launches ...
    Published on 2nd October 2014 by
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    New iPad Air’s are expected shortly with most pundits now thinking 21 October is the day Apple will unveil them. Bloomberg is now reporting that along with some design tweeks, the A8 Chip and Touch ID, we might also see gold added to the lineup this year. They are also supporting talk of a larger iPad early next year.

    Are you not convinced yet that Apple is targeting ...
    Published on 1st October 2014 by
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    Are you taking part in the Public or developer beta for Yosemite? Then good news with Apple releasing public bata 4 and the Yosemite GM beta to Developers. You can grab them at the usual places and once you have them up and running don’t forget to tell us all about them in the forums.

    The release of the GM to developers, which is normally the last beta unless there are major issues identified, suggests that the formal release ...
    Published on 30th September 2014 by
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    Apple has moved quickly to address the “Shellshock” bug, releasing an update to OS X Mavericks overnight and it should pop up soon in your App Store update section. Patches were also released for the Lion and Mountain Lion OS X.

    Developers were also greeted with the first build of iOS 8.1 with a build number of 12B401. If you have a developer account, then you can grab it at the usual places.

    In fact there might be quite a few iOS 8 updates coming, with 9to5Mac reporting that Apple is currently testing three significant iOS 8 updates. Whilst various reasons for the multiple testing are trotted out in the article, other sites ...
    Published on 29th September 2014 by
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    After we went live with the Morning News Friday, Apple went live with iOS 8.0.2. By now many of you have likely updated your iOS devices anyway, but if not hop to it!

    Whilst not related to the update, it seems you can now no longer downgrade to iOS 7 from iOS 8. Cult of Mac reports that this is because Apple has stopped signing iOS 7.1.2. The effect of that is that iTunes will no longer ...
    Published on 26th September 2014 by
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    ​Photo Jason Snell via Macworld.com

    Bendgate has continued to dominate the tech news cycle, as if iPhones were bendingg all over the place. Well Apple has had enough of that and has told the Wall Street Journal that a grand total of 9 people had complained so far about bending. That really doesn’t seem a lot with over 10 million phones sold.

    In addition to the statement to the Wall Street Journal, ...
    Published on 25th September 2014 by
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    We should be telling you all about iOS 8.0.1 this morning, the update Apple released overnight. Sadly there were some pretty big bugs in the update that for some users meant they lost their phone connection and it broke touch ID. It seems iPhone 6 owners in particular were affected. Needless to say, once those issues started Apple pulled the update.

    The update was intended to address the HealthKit issues, which had prevented a number of health and fitness apps being released with iOS 8.

    Now if you were up burning the midnight oil last night and grabbed the update during the short time it was out, don’t panic there is a way to ...
    Published on 24th September 2014 by
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    Next up for Apple is the annual refresh of the iPad’s. We have seen previous reports that this will happen in October and it now seems the Commercial Times is also saying October for the iPad Air. That in itself would not be all that newsworthy, however as Cult of Mac also notes they are also saying that new iPad Mini is at least 3 months away. This delay is being put to down to a desire to differentiate between the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad Mini.

    We have all seen the reports about the black market for iPhone 6 in China, and ...
    Published on 23rd September 2014 by
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    Source VESA

    If you were in any doubt that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are popular the opening weekend record sales figures of 10 Million iPhones should ease your mind. That number is from sales in just the 10 launch countries, with a further 20 countries starting sales this Friday.

    In the press release from Apple Tim Cook noted that “While our team managed the manufacturing ramp better than ever before, ...

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