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    There's a lot of reasons to hate Stephen Colbert. The man is one of America's funniest comedians, he's devilishly handsome and extraordinarily successful oh yeah....and he has a freakin iPad. Colbert showed it off at last nights Grammy's and it appears that it was a working copy. Way to go Apple for their little bit of product placement.

    Speaking of the iPad it appears that hospitals are interested in using it. The device is light-weight, easy to use and perfect for a doctor to carry as they can simply access a patients file with the tap of a button. It's not surprising. Rumours abound that when Steve was in hospital not dying of liver cancer he saw the inefficiency of the hospital system and said "I shall correct it...My Will be Done" he then cured himself by placing his hands over his liver and said "wax on...wax off" before heading down to the Karate competition and besting his old rival.

    Is Apple joining Twitter? Will we get Jonny's musings on design in 140 characters or Scott's links to LOLCats? Who knows...but it'll be a lot of fun finding out.

    The iMac 27inch has had a few problems since its release. Well it seems that not only has Apple realised this but they've taken the drastic step of halting production for the time being until they can figure out the problem. Best of luck guys!

    The iPad. Love it or hate it or reserve your judgment until you actually use one it seems that one commentator thinks that it's not just a third product but a revolution. He has some interesting points.

    There are few CEOs that are incredibly honest. Thankfully Steve Jobs is one of those few. At a Town Hall meeting for Apple employees Steve got...a little too honest...about the relationship with Google, Adobe and many other things. I think this officially calls for an "Oh no he didn't!!!"

    Does Apple kill hardware innovation? An interesting article from TechCruch.
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