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    Before we get going on the news, a big thank you to everyone for the well wishes on the safe arrival of our daughter Lara. Also thanks to OldMacs for stepping in with some news updates during my time away.

    As it happened it was not all that heavy a news period but today turns out to be a good day to step back in.

    Leading us off are reports that the next Apple event will be held on 9 September and will be focused on the next version of the iPhone. Along with the updated iPhone should be new iPads, but it may not include the rumoured 12-inch iPad Pro. We are also, according to BuzzFeed, likely to see the next generation of Apple TV as well at the event.

    The iPhone we are likely to see at any such event is the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. According to Macrumors noted KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is claiming that the phone will enter mass productions in late August, ahead of a likely mid September launch. The phone is expected to sport the new A9 chip and a Force Touch panel.

    Since its launch Apple Music has been attracting a bit of attention. As part of plugging the new streaming music service, Jimmy Iovine has been out and about doing interviews. His latest was with Wired. As you would expect he is pretty enthusiastic in his praise of Apple Music but perhaps the interesting takeway is, Iovine thinks that they way they curate the music could easily apply to TV. That of course ties in nicely to talk that Apple would like to launch its own streaming TV service via the Apple TV.

    While we are talking about Apple Music, you might recall that there has been some talk about possible enquiries around the way Apple charges for it, versus their competitors and if they were colluding with record labels to kill off free streaming. Good news for Apple is that an enquiry by the European Union find no proof of any collusion. As the 9to5Mac article notes, enquiries still continue into Apple charging its usual 30% App Store fee to rival services.

    If you have visited the Apple website of late, you may have noticed things were a little different. The store has now been integrated with the rest of the site, rather than as a standalone page in the menu bar. Instead you now have Buy buttons on the products pages themselves.

    As part of its reporting requirements Apple lodges a form called a 14A with the Securities and Exchange commission. This is much more detailed than its results announcement and the team at Patently Apple have dug their way through the latest filing. The thing that caught their eye this time was that Apple spends around US$700K a year on protecting CEO Tim Cook. What I find interesting about that is that whenever we seek Cook out and about that security is not obvious and someone deserves praise for that.

    So that about wraps it up for today.

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