• Wednesday News

    It seems Apple was not the only party caught unawares by the Taylor Swift blog post about Apple Music. Speaking at a Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference, an executive from her label said he was unaware of the post from Swift until it went live, but he had already been talking to Apple about the situation in the days leading up to that. Whilst Swift asked him not to be mad he let her know that her timing actually could not have been better. As we now know that Swift Tumbler post quickly led to Apple reversing course on not paying a fee during the free three month trial period.

    The updates keep coming in for Developers with Apple rolling out betas of iOS 8.4.1 and OS X 10.10.5. Given we will see new versions of both OSís shortly we can expect these are near the last major updates for both.

    Apple has released the latest aerial photo of the progress on the new Apple 2 Campus and things are really beginning to take shape, as you can see in the image at the top of the news today.

    The rest of the news is very much overseas focused, with reports that Apple is progressing well talks about its streaming TV service for the US and fall release is still planned. In addition with the launch of Apple Pay in the U.K Barclay have reversed course and confirmed they will be supporting the service shortly.

    A passing story of interest, though of course not really Apple is as such, is that Firefox has taken the step of blocking Adobe Flash following the latest security issue. As you will recall Apple has long been pushing for flash to be finished off. In recent days the security chief at Facebook and now Mozilla have all joined in those calls.

    So that is the news for today enjoy the rest of the day people.

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