• Tuesday News

    It has been talked about for a long time now but it seems the latest rumours suggest the iPad Pro might be arriving later this year. Digitimes has reported that Apple component makers are said to be due to start supplying parts from mid September and the device is then expected to launch around mid November. The report also claims that Apple is being very cautious in its ordering with initial shipments volumes believed to below supply chain expectations.

    At the other end of the scale some inventory management from Apple suggests that some products may be facing an uncertain future. Macrumors has been told by people inside the inventory management chain that a number of products are being constrained by Apple. These include all iPods, iPad Mini 2 and the original iPad Air. Now it is expected that perhaps as early as tonight we may see some refreshing of the iPod line up, but the reason for constraining the iPad Mini 2 and original Air at this time is a little less clear.

    There seems to have been issues with Matches and Beats 1 in the initial release of iTunes 12.2. So Apple has now put out a 12.2.1 version to address the issues. Among the issues was the tagging of iTunes Match songs as Apple Music songs and then additional DRM being added. The update is also expected to improve the streaming performance of Beats 1.

    Hot on the heels of reports that Apple might in fact be making Music Videos itself with artists, comes a new job advert that seems to support the claim. 9to5Mac report that the job is being advertised by Apple and says the company is looking for a video producer to lead across all music related video projects, Apple Music and iTunes.

    Lastly it seems to have become official that Apple Pay will be going live in the United Kingdom today. Before you ask, no there is no update on any future release in Australia.

    Not a massive news day but some food for thought in there today.

    See you all again tomorrow.

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