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    Leading us off this morning is the news that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is said to be looking into the way Apple charges rival music services, following the launch of Apple Music. Reuters reports that of particular focus is said to be the fact that Apple charges competitors 30% of all sales via the App store, making it very hard for them to compete with the US$9.99 a month price for Apple Music. Seems whilst it is being looked at it is not a formal investigation at this stage.

    Since we are talking about Apple Music an interesting piece has popped up on Ptichfork that indicates Apple is making some Music videos in house. Accroding to the story, Apple made Drakes’s “Energy” video, Pharrell’s “Freedom” video and Eminem’s “Phenomenal” video. The next video we will see involving Apple is said to be M.I.A’s “Metahdatah Scroll 01 Broader than a border”, expected today US time.

    It is of little more than passing interest to us in Australia but it seems Apple Pay will go live in the UK tomorrow, based on a tweet from HSBC in the UK. As you might expect that tweet is now longer viewable but it was picked up by 9to5Mac.

    That is also the day we might see the iPod line up get a refresh according to French site iGen, via 9to5Mac. You might recall the recent finding of some new iPod colours in the iTunes 12.2 release code and the site is expecting that but speculating that a change on the number code for the iPod Touch may indicate a more substantive update.

    So there you have the start to your news week here at MacTalk.

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