• Friday News

    If you are one of the brave, or some may say lucky, ones to be part of the Apples public beta programs you can expect to get your hands on OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 at some point today. Reports suggest they have both now been released. Good luck!

    That public release comes on the heels of the developers getting updated versions of both yesterday and also an update on Apple Watch OS 2 beta.

    If you were blown away by the sales numbers posted by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last year, you might be knocked over by what seems to be Apple’s projections for this year. The Wall Street Journal, via 9to5Mac, has reported that Apple is asking manufacturing partners to produce 90 million units before year end. That would blow away the 75 million phones sold with the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The so called iPhone 6 S is expected to feature Force Touch and a new colour among other upgrades.

    Meanwhile it seems sales of Mac’s have slipped, according to the latest data from Gartner. Apple is said to have seen a drop of 2.5% in Mac sales for the quarter year on year. The overall PC market is said to be down 5.8%, meaning Apple actually lifted its market share slightly to 12.7% from 12.3 %. HP seemed to be the biggest loser seeing a 10.1% drop in the same period, though it held onto top spot from Dell.

    Also said to be slipping is demand in the United States for the Apple Watch in June according to the latest Slice data. Macrumors reports that sales are now said to be below 20,000 a day with sub 5,000 on some days. Slice also reports that two thirds of the watches sold are the Sports model. Since Apple doesn’t release any figures of its own, hard to know how accurate these numbers are but they are pretty much all we have to go with.

    Good new for the Apple legal team as well with a court overturning a US$529.M damages award against Apple for patent infringement, relating to its iTunes software. The ruling doesn’t overturn the finding that Apple infringed the patents, but relates to the amount of damages awarded. That means the parties will be back in court later this year in September.

    So there you have the news to round out the week, enjoy your weekend MacTalkers.

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