• Tuesday News

    It is fair to say we all love our Apple unboxing experience, and indeed the way Apple packages its products is something it gets worthy praise for. So Apple is looking to take that a step further with 9to5Mac reporting that they are working with third party accessory makers to help redesign their packaging that is displayed in Apple stores. New packaging from selected suppliers is expected to begin to appear in store next week.

    We have been carrying reports about what we might and might not see in the next iPhone, expected to be the iPhone 6S later this year. Those reports indicated that there was likely to be very little change to the exterior of the phone. A set of purported schematics of the iPhone 6S published by Engadget Japan, via Macrumors, seems to support that theory. An interesting point in the schematics is that the home button is retained, which backs up the theory that whilst Apple is working to remove the home button that is likely to be a feature for the iPhone 7 or later.

    This next story is only making it here because it is a slow news day, otherwise you would just laugh at it and move on. NBA player Matt Bonner has blamed the larger screen iPhone 6S for his season ending tennis elbow injury and also causing him to shoot crap. Mr Bonner claims that it was a strain to use the new bigger phone and he had to stretch further to hit buttons. Whatever you say Mr Bonner, whatever you say.

    On that rather odd note we will call it a day and see you all again tomorrow.

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