• Wednesday News

    It is time to check your download limits as Apple has dropped some big updates today.

    First up and making all the news is iOS 8.4, which of course included the new Apple Music and Beats 1 via the new Music App. Another inclusion in the update is the fix for the iMessage bug that surfaced last month, so worth grabbing for that even if the Music overhaul is not your thing.

    At the same time Apple has dropped OS X 10.10.4. The focus of this update is very much on stability and security. Changes to the way wifi and networking are handled are likely the headline act for this update.

    If that hasnít sated your download thirst for the day, then best you head along and grab the updated iTunes 12.2, which as you might guess is overhauled for Apple Music and Beats 1.

    Apart from all that, the apps Garageband and iBooks Author have also had updates released.

    So while you are waiting for all that to download in the background, lets see what else is making news today.

    According to 9to5Mac donít expect a great deal of change in form for the outside for the so called iPhone 6S later this year. However inside the new version of the iPhone there are expected to be some pretty big changes. Leading the charge will be Force Touch, which has been widely expected for a little while now. You might recall on Monday we mentioned Apple working on a dual camera system, according to this report that will not be appearing on an iPhone this year.

    An area we might see some change however is storage capacity with a report from the Korea Times indicating Apple is in negotiations with Samsung for flash storage and as part of the process is looking to increase the storage capacity of the iPhone range. The most likely outcome, and not earth shattering, is that the entry level may become 32GB rather than the current 16GB base level.

    A less pleasing story for Apple is news that their appeal against their ebook conspiracy conviction has been decided against them. So Apple now needs to cough up the US$450M settlement it struck last year, which has been pending awaiting the outcome of the appeal process.

    Hot on the heels of the news of the updated Apple Care+ battery replacement coverage for iDevices, the same 80% of retained original charge has been added to the Apple Care+ for Mac option according to Macrumors.

    So hopefully those downloads are done now and you can share your thoughts on Apple Music and Beat1 over in the forum here.

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