• Thursday News

    It is pretty hard to get away from Apple Music at the moment, ahead of the launch of the new service sometime early next week. The latest news is that, following the decisions to reverse on not paying anyone during the free trial period Apple has at last landed a number of high profile indie labels. Billboard is reporting that Apple has now reached agreement with Beggars Group and Merlin to appear on the Apple Music service.

    In addition Apple Music will be getting the exclusive rights to the new Pharrell Williams song “Freedom” on 30 June. Pharrell has teased the new video and Apple has also been promoting the exclusive on its Twitter account. The song is also used in the first ad for Apple Music.

    In case you are wondering how you will get access to Apple Music, it will drop as part of the iOS 8.4 update scheduled for early next week. Given the reference to the exclusive Pharrell Williams song above, you can assume that is before Tuesday!

    Apple Pay is also due to launch in the UK shortly but it will not be the full blown Apple Pay used in the USA. It seems some retailers will be limiting the service to 20 pounds and under in the early stages. This is due to their terminals not being fully configured for Apple Pay and the limit is expected to increase over time as they upgrade.

    Adobe has identified a serious security vulnerability and rushed out a security patch to close it off reports 9to5Mac. The flaw could allow an attacker to take over an impacted system. So it is pretty serious and best when you prompted to download the latest update that you accept.

    For those looking for signs of what we might see in future Apple products, you will be interested to know that Apple has extended their exclusive right to use Liquidmetal for a further 12 months. Whilst we are yet to see the material in any products to date, the extension implies Apple is still looking at how it could use it.

    Meanwhile it seems Apple is looking to have a bigger say in the future direction of Bluetooth having moved up to what is called a ‘Promoter Member’. 9to5Mac report that gives Apple voting rights and therefore a bigger say in the future direction of Bluetooth.

    So whilst it while a slow news day yesterday, so I didn’t post any, there are a couple of things to mull over today including just what might Liquidmetal yet be used for?

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