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    If you ever doubted the power of Taylor Swift you may need to adjust your thinking. Within hours of Swift posting her Tumbler post on Apple not paying artists during the three month trial period for Apple Music, Apple reversed course. Apple will now pay artists, though the actual payment details are not known, during the time users are taking up the free trial period. The change was first announced on Twitter by Eddy Cue and then backed up when he spoke with Re/code. It isnít the first time Swift has weighed in on the impact of streaming music, having previously withdrawn from Spotify over their low payments to artists.

    Are we closer to seeing the home button relocated into screen of your iPhone and iPad? 9to5Mac have noted a Digitimes report claiming that Apple is currently working on such a solution. The report has no timing on when such a solution might arrive on an actual iPhone and as 9to5Mac note, whilst the Apple Watch has force touch that doesnít include a Touch ID sensor.

    Bloomberg Business Week meanwhile has sat down again with Tim Cook and covered a range of topics. We have known for sometime that Apple views the Chinese market as very important but it was interesting to see that Cook said Apple takes Chinese tastes into account when designing their products. Cook also said that there were more developers working on Apple Watch Apps than at the same stage of the iPhone or the iPad. That of course needs to be considered against the more mature App ecosystem these days than either of those products had at the same stage.

    It is time to check in on the progress of the new Apple Campus with the latest drone video, which you can enjoy below. Things are certainly starting to take shape.

    So as you dream of visting the new Spaceship campus in years to come we will close the news for today and see you all again tomorrow.

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