• Monday News

    Products come and go but it is always a little sad when one ends its life as a product in the Apple Store. That is sadly the case for the original iPad Mini, which has been removed from the Apple Store. So if you were in the market for an iPad Mini best to hit up a third party seller or you might be lucky and find one at the refurb store for a little while yet. There are some up at the Australian refurb store at the time of writing.

    Now I donít expect to often be typing the name Taylor Swift in the daily news. However Swift has gone public on the reason why her latest album is not on the new Apple Music service. In tumbler post titled ďTo Apple Love TaylorĒ the Swift sets out her reasons. In short she is not happy that during the 3 month trial period, Apple is making no payments to the labels and therefore the artists, writers an producers. She notes that as she is on her fifth album she can support herself via concerts but that is not the case for many artists, particularly a band or songwriter on their first song. It is clear from the post that she greatly admires Apple and sees them as a great partner to musicians, however she just canít accept Apple not making any payments for 3 months. She concludes by saying to Apple ďWe donít ask for free iPhones. Please donít ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.Ē

    There has also been a firestorm around Apple Music after an indie band member Anton Newcombe tweeted that Apple had threatened to take their music off iTunes if they didnít agree to make it available as part of the 3 moth trial period. Apple it seems has since spoken to Rolling Stone and said that is not the case and if the band didnít take part in the Apple Music trial their music would still be on iTunes.

    Apple has announced a replacement program for the 3TB hard drives in the 27-inch iMac. Apple indicates that the impacted iMacs were sold between December 2012 and September 2013. If you think you might be impacted you can follow the link and enter your serial number to find out. Apple has also indicated it is contacting owners direct were it can.

    So a slowish start to the week in news, enjoy the rest of your Monday MacTalkers.

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