• Friday News

    We are going to be spending a bit of time today talking about the Apple Watch. In fact we will be talking about the current version and the latest rumours about what the next version might include.

    For now though lets stay with the current version. Apple has not really made any comment about how many Apple Watches it has sold, other than saying it is happy etc. We have reported before on the data from a company called Slice Intelligence, who track receipts in inboxes. Reuters is reporting them as now saying that 2.79 million have no been sold in the United States alone. Slice had previously reported that Apple sold 1.5 million on the first day alone. It will be interesting to see if sales pick up once people can walk into their local Apple store and buy one on the spot.

    Now since some of you know doubt are already bored with the version 1 Apple Watch, lets turn our attention to version 2. 9to5Mac have hit their sources up for just what be on Apple’s mind as they turn their attention to a second version of the Watch. Topping the list is more independence from the iPhone, a FaceTime camera, similar battery life despite all the new features and a new premium priced model. Now of course it would be fairly early in the process and as we know Apple is happy to pull things out of products if testing shows them to not cut the muster.

    Protection of user data is a subject many now have a big focus on. As we know Apple likes to see itself as on the users side of the argument in protecting their data. That view has been given support with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) praising Apple for its efforts in this area and handing it five stars. Google on the other hand got three starts and in the view of the EFF has some identified areas it needs to improve.

    All that focus on privacy is all good and well but security of data is also an important area. So the news that a group of researchers have discovered an OS X and iOS security flaw involving keychain and other issues is a concern. Whilst the researchers have kept quiet for six months since making their discovery they say Apple has not followed up with them so they have gone public. Other reports suggest Apple has had a few attempts to fix the flaw but to date it is not closed. iMore also have some in depth articles including some ways you can check to see it you may have been impacted. In the meantime only using known apps from known developers and from the app stores seems the best defence.

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