• Monday News

    For those of you hanging out for some new Apple gear you might have to put up with some new Beats gear for the time being. Apple has just released a new range of Beats Power 2 Wireless headphones in a range of colours. The new colours match the Apple Watch sports band range of colours and are clearly aimed at those active Apple Watch users keen for some matching wireless listening during their workout.

    According to a report Variety prior to its acquisition by Apple, Beats was working on a Sonos killer. However after taking the company over Apple killed the project. Sources indicate that Beats wasnít simply looking to copy Sonos but was looking combining Bluetooth with Wifi and NFC to allow seamless handovers. It seems they were also looking at a price point slightly above Sonos.

    Whilst native Apps are coming to the Apple Watch under Watch OS 2, it seems some developers still donít think it goes far enough with access. As a result 9to5Mac report that a couple of developers have hacked the Apple Watch running Watch OS 2, to allow it to run fully native apps.

    Meanwhile Cult of Mac have picked up a story from Patently Apple that indicates there may be more changes coming to the heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch. Of course the heart rate sensor has been attracting a lot of attention, particularly in the last update where Apple changed the time between it taking recordings. Seems the patent is aimed at allowing the watch to get accurate readings even if only one diode is in contact with the skin, rather than both as currently required.

    One feature of OS X El Capitan that many users are likely to enjoy is added support for SSDís using TRIM. This will allow owners of older Macs to upgrade and get the added speed advantage of TRIM support. Currently only Apple drives support trim meaning third party installed drives do not get to access the feature, without running an emulator.

    So an easy way to start the week with nothing to heavy.

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