• Thursday News

    The post Apple Keynote executive interviews continue, this time with Senior Vice Presidnet Phil Schiller sitting down with John Gruber on his podcast The Talk Show. At the time of writing it seems the episode isn’t up yet but 9to5Mac have all the details of the discussion. Gruber hits Schiller up on the length of the WWDC Keynote, the slow rollout of a Watch Apps SDK, Apple Music, the obsession with ultra-thin devices and how in this day and age Apple still sells 16GB iPhone and iPads. As you might expect Schiller doesn’t concede anything and on that last point says the cloud allows the smaller storage devices and notes that there were a number of things in the Keynote that will help the smaller devices.

    I think we had all pretty much agreed that Apple was using those vans sighted around San Fransisco to do updates to its mapping software. Just in case you were still in doubt, Apple now has unveiled a webpage that confirm that is ‘driving vehicles around the world to collect data which will be used to improve Apple Maps’. Don’t go rushing out in Australia to look for the vans, as according to the page there are not doing any driving here at the moment. Ireland, England and the U.S. Are the current locations where data is being collected.

    With developers getting their hands on the iOS 9 code, as usual they are digging into it to see what it might reveal about Apple’s future plans. 9to5Mac report One developer Hamza Sood has found code that hints at 1080p video for the FaceTime camera on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. In addition it appears there may be support for video at 240fps at 720p on the front facing camera.

    Some of you may be excited to hear that iOS 9 appears to be extending continuity for phone calls and text messages by dropping the need for the devices to be on the same wi-fi network. The Verge reports that T-Mobile in the U.S. Is the first carrier to support the so called ‘cellular continuity’ with more expected by the time iOS 9 launches. It is being hailed as a small but good addition, though I am not sure if I choose to leave my phone somewhere (say outside a meeting) that I wan’t my iPad to ring everytime. I even find now at home that the iPhone, iPads and Macs all ringing can be a tad annoying, but maybe that is just me!
    We mentioned yesterday that the a new beta of iOS 8.4 was out with developers. It seems that the beta includes a fix for the recent messages bug that could turn off an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

    A number of sites are reporting on a fairly substantial changes discovered in Xcode 7, which would allow apps to be created and installed on devices without needing to be part of the developer program. This of course also means that Apps could be installed from outside the App Store, one of the touted features of the App store where apps need to be vetted before they are put up for download. As the article notes that means you really only need to be in the developer program if you want to actually submit apps for sale/download through the App store. It will be interesting to see who this goes in the real world once it is up and running. I think I will be staying within the safe walled garden of the App store for now.

    So a nice varied news day today, enjoy the rest of your day.


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