• Wednesday News

    Before we get going with the news this morning, a big thanks to OldMacs for posting the post WWDC keynote summaries yesterday. As you would expect WWDC is still dominating the Apple news cycle but there are some non WWDC items out there.

    Whilst Apple announced the next versions of OS X and iOS yesterday, work continues on Yosemite and iOS 8. Developers were seeded with the latest beta of OS X 10.10.4 and iOS 8.4 overnight. In the case of iOS 8.4 it is expected to be publicly released around the time of the new Apple Music streaming service.

    With Apple Music now announced Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine have sat down with Billboard magazine to provide more detail. According to Cue Apple didnít spend a lot of time on the lower price point of US$9.99 but was more focused on the family pricing point of $14.99. He feels the family subscription is where the current models were missing the boat. Cue also doesnít feel that music streaming is the end of downloads, though of course some people will just be subscribers.

    According to the latest Comscore data the iPhone continues to increase its lead as the top OEMon smartphones lifting its market share to 43.1% of the market at the end of April. That is 1.8% up on the January number and makes it the leader of the pack. Samsung came in second with 28.6%, a slight drop from the previous 29.3%. Of course it must be said that is the iPhone has 43.1% that means that over 50% of the market is not running iOS so Android does hold a bigger market share in total at 52.2%.

    We close out the news today with an interesting article from the Financial Times, which we turn to 9to5Mac to get thanks to the paywall, that suggests Apple may be looking to reduce its 30% share of revenue from music, video and news app subscriptions. You might recall that there has been some talk of investigations into the pricing model, following complaints from Spotify in particular that Apple takes 30% of its subscriptions but not of its own music app. Timing was not mentioned in the article but it does make it clear this is not being looked at for standard apps, just those with subscription models.

    So not a huge post keynote news day and see you all again tomorrow.


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