• Friday News

    It seems Apple is at last catching up on its backorders of the Apple Watch with 9to5Mac reporting that Apple has confirmed that all orders, with one exception, placed in May will ship within two weeks. The one big exception to that timeline is the 42 mm Space Black Stainless Steel with Space Black Link Bracelet. Apple has also confirmed that around that time they will begin selling the Apple Watch in their retail stores.

    Now if you are waiting on the Space Black 44 mm model and are feeling a bit miffed that it might in fact be popping up in stores before you get your order, rest easy. Apple has since clarified via e-mail to people who are awaiting their Space Black order that their model will not go on sale until all backorders are filled.

    Since we are talking about the Apple Watch an interesting interview has popped up in the London Evening Standard with Australian designer Marc Newson, his first solo interview since joining Apple. It turns out he doesn’t really have a title at Apple and works on special projects. He tells the interviewer that the job takes up about 60% of his time. He also addressed the claim that the Apple Watch could not be a luxury item when it is massed produced and is to cheap at US$350. His response is “There are a lot Louis Vuitton bags out there, I think at one point every 1.5 Japanese woman had a Louis Vuitton bag. But it still qualifies as a luxury object. It's about the quality and integrity of the product.” Newson also does little to kill rumours that Apple might be looking into a car project saying “There is certainly vast opportunity in that area to be more intelligent” when asked about a possible iCar.

    It is widely expected we will get the details of the new Apple streaming music service at the WWDC keynote early Tuesday Morning. However Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is still locked into negotiations with the music labels just days out. However it is understood that the music labels and Apple are keen to ensure the deal is done in time for the big reveal at WWDC.

    Samsung is back to bashing the iPhone with a new set of adds that compare the Galaxy S6 to the iPhone 6. Among the features they call out are wireless charging, wide angle selfies and its curved display. Not sure they are the killer features most phone users are after, though wireless charging would be nice!

    So that ends the weeks news and we will see you all again on Monday (well it is a holiday in Melbourne so we might see how much news there is around).

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