• Thursday News

    We mentioned yesterday that Apple is not expected to unveil its new streaming TV service at WWDC, but at the time there was no mention of what that might mean for the long rumoured Apple TV device update. I did say the two kind of went hand in hand and that if the streaming wasnít coming at WWDC, it was likely the new device wasnít either. Well that now has some support with Brian Chen of the New York Times saying the new Apple TV device will not be shown at the conference.

    Beats however is something we are likely to hear quite a bit about at the conference with the expected unveiling of the new streaming music service. Beats makes the news however for a different reason today, with a recall of the Beats Pill XL Bluetooth speakers being announced. The recall is being put down to fire risk from an overheated battery. If you own one of the speakers in question, Apple wants you to stop using them and visit the recall page linked above, to get more details on how to get your refund and steps to return it to Apple.

    Apple has also updated its HomeKit support page and among the details it confirms that an Apple TV will be important control centre that will allow remote access to HomeKit devices. No doubt Apple was hoping to have their new Apple TV out there as part of this but you canít have everything.

    Since it a bit of a slow news day we will let you know about the announcement of the arrival of Showtime to the Apple TV in the US, as a standalone service. So whilst we wonít see the full Apple TV streaming service unveiled at WWDC it seems small roll outs of these standalone apps will continue. No word of course of when or even if we will ever see this in Australia on our Apple TVís.

    So as you might expect as we get closer to WWDC the news wires are slowing down as people seek to avoid getting lost in the WWDC storm.

    See you all again tomorrow.

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