• Wednesday News

    It has long been expected that Apple would be announcing a new streaming TV service, along with new Apple TV boxes at WWDC. However according to Re/code that will not be case and the new service will not be announced at the conference. Apple is said to have started advising the networks of the delay, due to not all the deals being in place. There is no mention in the story on if that will mean any refresh of the actual Apple TV will be delayed as well, though you would expect they would go hand in hand.

    One online service from Apple that appears to have gone a through a change is the App Store, where TechCrunch report that Apple has now moved to having editors curate some of the lists that were previously automatically done by algorithms. As TechCrunch note that also saw some developers use the naming convention to get to the top of the list and where sales volume was used made it hard for new apps sometimes to appear in the new App section.

    Meanwhile 9to5Mac have seen an internal video from Angela Ahrendts that focusses on the upcoming in store launch of sales of the Apple Watch. In the video Ahrendts tells staff that “this is where the rubber meets the road, and now we need to make sure that we are above and beyond ready.”. Along with the video it seems training materials are again being distributed to the retail employees. Sales in store are expected to commence sometime this month.

    On the security front meanwhile a vulnerability has been found that it is claimed could survive a hard drive replacement and reinstall of OS X. 9to5Mac report that tt was found by security researcher Pedro Vilaca and involves an ability to flash the BIOS, which is stored in flash memory and therefore not removed by hard drive replacements or reinstalls of the operating system. Whilst previously it was thought that the exploit required physical access to the machine to get it on via a Thunderbolt device, a new method suggests it could be done remotely. It also seems to only impact Macs from pre 2014, and occurs when they wake from sleep. Given Apple fixed the problem on newer machines, perhaps we can expect a fix for older machines to follow.

    We have just seen a refresh of the 15-inch MacBook Pro so it is somewhat surprising that Intel has just announced a new set of Quad-Core Broadwell processors that would be suitable for the 15-inch model. According to Macrumors the chips should be ready to go in the next 30-60 days, so it is a bit surprising Apple didn’t hold off the refresh given it saw no processor changes.

    We close out the news today by noting that Tim Cook has spoken out on privacy and encryption, whilst accepting an award from the EPIC’S Champions of Freedom. In the speech Cook talked about the steps Apple takes and at the same time having a shot at those that are “gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monetise it”. He noted Apple thinks that is wrong and is not the kind of company Apple wants to be.

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