• Monday News

    We mentioned last week about the Message bug that was causing iMessages to crash and iPhones to reboot. Whilst Apple is still working on an official fix, they have posted an official support document with some suggested fixes.

    You might recall all the excitement caused by the sightings of the streetview like vans that were linked to Apple. In fact they led to the first hints that Apple might be working on its own cars. Well now 9to5Mac have claimed that they have been told that the vans in fact were taking still photo’s of business storefronts to replace Yelp photo’s in Apple Maps.

    Tim Cook is often out and about talking about social issues and he is not afraid to put his money where is mouth is. 9to5Mac report that in a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US, Cook revealed he had donated 50,000 Apple Shares to various charities. Those 50,000 shares are worth around US$6.5 million at the current share price. The filing does not specify the actual charities involved.

    According to a New York Post article Apple is looking to rapper Drake as an iTunes Radio guest DJ among others. I would like to act really cool and pretend I know who that is, but I don’t. It is expected we will see the new music offering from Apple at WWDC, along with exactly who it might have on board as DJ’s.

    So a slow start to the news week, so lets see what tomorrow brings on the news front.

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