• Thursday News

    There is really no other place to start the news today than with the iMessage bug that causes the messages app to crash and iPhones to reboot. Apple has acknowledged the issue and indicated it will seek to fix it via a software update, though no timeframe has been given. In the meantime 9to5Mac have some suggestions on how to workaround the issue.

    Elsewhere WWDC and what we will see is dominating the news cycle. 9to5Mac have reported on a new service expected in iOS 9 called ‘Proactive’ and it is essentially Apple’s answer to Google now. The feature is an evolution of the Spotlight search feature according to the report and has been in the works for several years.

    Meanwhile Apple has confirmed that the WWDC keynote will take place on 8 June.

    Over at Re/code they had Apple Senior Vice President Jeff Williams, head of operations, appear on stage at their conference. An area of focus for questions was Apple and any possible car made by the Cupertino based company. Whilst Williams as you would expect neither confirmed nor denied future plans he did describe “the car is the ultimate mobile device” when asked what Apple might do with all its money. He did go onto say that they “were exploring a lot of different markets”. Williams also noted that when looking at new areas Apple didn’t focus on the potential profit but more ones where they felt they could make a difference.

    Williams also addressed the Apple Watch sales saying demand has been “Fantastic” and that Apple had sold a lot of them. He also revealed that a SDK will be released next week to allow developers to write apps directly for the watch, rather than having to modify their iPhone app.

    Apple fans rejoice, Apple has reclaimed its crown as the World’s Most Valuable Brand. The move back to number one came on the back of a 67% lift in brand value according to Milward Brown’s tenth annual Brandz brand value report. Google has taken over top spot in 2014.

    On a slightly different note, Cult of Mac have reported that Steve Wozniak is to be cast in wax by the famous Madame Tussauds for their San Francisco museum this spring (Fall in the US). The statue will take some 2-3 months to be finished. The finished product will join one of Steve Jobs in the collection.

    So we will close the new for the day there and see you all Friday!

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