• Wednesday News

    This one is for the wireless geeks out there. 9to5Mac are reporting that in OS 10.10.4 Apple have dropped discoveryd and reverted to the previous methods used in prior versions of OS X. This change has followed from many complaints from developers about the poor networking performance under Yosemite. I know the network share issue identified in the story is something we see on our network at home. Apple has recently seeded the latest beta of OS X 10.10.4 where the change was discovered.

    Coming off the US holiday the tech sites are playing catch up with rumours out of Asia while they were away. There have been a number of iPhone rumours and 9to5Mac have lumped them all together in iPhone rumour round up. You will be shocked to hear that they predict such things as thinner phones, more powerful chips and bigger cameras. So pretty much a standard new iPhone set of specs!

    You might notice the mention of the A10 chip in the rumour round up piece. Yep that is right we haven’t even seen A9 in anything yet and attention is moving onto the next chip. However Cult of Mac tells us that manufacturers are already fighting it out for a piece of the A10 action.

    A very different type of story about Apple with a fire breaking out Apple’s Mesa Arizona facility. It appears the fire was limited to the solar panels on the roof.

    Apple is planning to add its own transit maps in iOS 9 but according to 9to5Mac it will be a very limited roll out at first. Predictions are that it will be limited to the United States, Canada, Euorpe and China.

    Also coming to an iDevice near you it seems is Microsofts digital assistant Cortana. MS announced overnight that their virtual assistant would be coming to iOS later this year when Windows 10 launches.

    So a bit of a mixed bag today in the news, see you all tomorrow.

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