• Tuesday News

    From left to right: Alan Dye, Jony Ive and Richard Howarth (Photo: Gabriela Hasbun for The Telegraph)

    Given it was a holiday in the US overnight; you might be forgiven for thinking that there might not be much news around. That is pretty much correct but there is one fairly significant piece of news.

    Apple has confirmed in an internal e-mail obtained by 9to5Mac, after Stephen Fry wrote about it in the London Telegraph, that Jony Ive has been promoted to a new role as Chief Design Officer. As a result of the promotion Ive will hand off all current management duties from 1 July for Industrial Design and User Interface. That will see Richard Howarth step up to Vice President of Industrial Design, with day-to-day responsibility Industrial Design and User Interface will be picked up by Alan Dye the new Vice President of User Interface Design.

    That Telegraph piece by Fry was an interview with Ive, where he revealed the promotion. As part of the story Fry got to visit the new Apple Campus being constructed with both Tim Cook and Ive. It is an interesting, if long article, and well worth the read when you have time to spare.

    So quite a big announcement for a US holiday and you can only get excited about what Ive may be able to come up with, now he will be free of the day to day management role.

    See you all again tomorrow, when the US news sites should be back at work after the long weekend.

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