• Monday News

    9to5Mac have continued their reveal of the expected upcoming iOS and OS X updates expected at WWDC. This time their sources are indicating that Apple is limiting new features in favour of a “big focus on quality”. It had previously been reported that this was the case with iOS 9 but the same approach is expected to be used with OS X 10.11. In both cases it seems there will be plenty of under the hood improvements and new security features.

    Also on the WWDC front, Apple is expected update to the Apple TV service. However Re/code report that Apple is keen to include US local TV in its updated streaming service. This has complicated negotiations and Re/code now believe this may lead to a delay till after WWDC.

    When the Apple Watch launched we noted some possible sales numbers from Slice Intelligence, which scans the email receipts of two million shoppers. Well Slice has come out with some updated sales details, which 9to5Mac have picked up. After the reported 1.5 million US orders on day one, sales are said to have dropped on occasions below 30,000 a day since then based on the Slice data. If correct those sort of numbers would be below what many analyst had been predicting. Of course the other way to look at it is that most companies would love a product that has limited supply slowing orders and still does 30,000 units a day in the US alone.

    Before we move on from the Apple Watch, there has been an update with Watch OS 1.0.1 released last week. Macrumors reports that some users however are reporting some inconsistent Heart Rate Data since the update.

    Oh and if you were lucky enough to pre-order a Gold Apple Watch Edition, then you will be delighted to know they have started to ship to some customers.

    We know many of you love your vintage Apple gear and so since it is Monday, we are sure you will love this story from Cult of Mac. Matthew Pearce has gone and hooked a 27-inch Cinema Display to his Apple II. You can check out the result for yourself in the video below.

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