• Friday News

    With WWDC fast approaching attention is beginning to turn to what we might see on the OS front revealed to developers. According to 9to5Mac we will see the new system font from the Apple Watch rolled out across the full Apple range. Now that may excite some, since it seems there is much angst at the use of Helvetica Neue and its focus on clean lines rather than readability.

    There could a new app coming with iOS 9 called ĎHomeí. According to a report at 9to5Mac, this will be used to manage upcoming HomeKit compatible accessories. So given it is likely to be in iOS 9 we might see it at WWDC as well.

    One thing many people would like to see come to iOS, particularly on iPads, is split screen multitasking. 9to5Mac are being told by sources that Apple is working on just such an option for the rumoured 12-inch so called iPad Pro. Along with split screen they are also said to be working on multiple user log-ins. Both are likely to be welcomed features in the enterprise space, which Apple is seeking to get a bigger share of.

    Macrumors is reporting that Apple could unveil next iPhone in August according to the often quoted KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. This would be a change from previous iPhone release cycles. It should be pointed out Kuo has a mixed record on product launch dates so donít panic just yet if you have been putting money away for a later release date. To that end at 9to5Mac, they say their sources say nope not going to happen.

    However the rumours of what we might see on the iPhone side of things did get a boost with an off image appearing online at the Apple Store. The image appeared to show what looked very much like an iPhone 5C with Touch ID, sitting on an iPhone dock. Of course the iPhone 5C does not currently have Touch ID, so many took it to be a sign that such a phone will appear later this year. However 9to5Mac had sources confirm to them that the image was just an incorrect render. Now of course Apple would say that wouldn't even if it was a true image released in error. Make your own mind up I think on this one.

    If you have been wanting to get a new band for your Apple Watch but didnít want to order it online and wait, then you will be happy to hear that reports are around that we might be seeing them in stores as soon as this week. In fact some stores in the US and UK are already stocking them. Now just to get the actual Watch in store as well. ON that front Tim Cook on his recent trip to China was again saying June for in store stock.

    You may have had some problems with iCloud overnight, with many services having issues. Apple acknowlged the problems on its service status page but all seems well again this morning. So it really wasnít you it was them!

    So that is all the news this week, a week where the rumour mill starting to fire up again as we wait to see what Apple may have in store over the rest of the year.

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