• Meet the MacTalkers 2015 #3 - Nibbles

    Meet the MacTalkers

    Welcome to our much overdue next edition of 'Meet the MacTalkers'. Apologies for the delay with this one!

    The last MacTalker that we got to know was Lawrencium, so today we get to virtually meet his requested interviewee, Nibbles. Nibbles is one of Mactalk's moderators, who works hard to ensure Mactalk is a great site for everyone. So happy reading Mactalkers:


    What does your username and avatar mean?

    A nibble, more than a bit, less than a byte and itís actually a unit of measure Nibble - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My avatar is slightly less interesting, Itís my initials in an Adobe CS4 icon style.


    Iím one of about 10 code monkeys employed at a local company. The rest of my time is spent flying aeroplanes and doing computer sciencey stuff at the University of Wollongong.


    Flight level 360

    What's your poison?

    Poison? I donít drink alcohol if thatís what you mean. Though Iíd take iMicís Coke & Scotch and raise him a Rum & Coke.

    One strange fact about yourself?

    Does it have to be a fact or can I make it up? I dunno, I often code whilst listening to air traffic control at Sydney airport (via LiveAtc.net, I donít code in the tower there though thatíd be cool). That's fact by the way.

    How long have you kept your mobile number for?

    late 2007 - present. So, 7 and a bit years I guess. Still on the Optus network because I mostly go WiFi to WiFi otherwise I'd be with Telstra by now.

    When, where, and how did you realise Apple is the way to go?

    Around 2006 was when I convinced my parents to let me buy a 2nd hand G3 iBook off eBay. Iíd used them at school for years before that and one of my friends had one with iMovie HD, I really only wanted it for that.

    What's in your Dock?

    Code monkey tools, Photoshop and a selection of default apps.

    Worst OS X application you have used?

    Sherlock. It was woeful.

    If you ever met Steve Jobs/Tim Cook, what is one question you'd love to ask, but wouldn't be able to bring yourself to do so?

    Why Steve wanted that yacht so much.

    What is your dream Apple Product?

    The aforementioned yacht in aeroplane form. Basically an Apple designed and built private jet.

    Worst Apple product you've used?

    eMac. Thereís a place reserved in hell for those rubbish beasts.

    Your first Mac/Apple device?

    Not sure what came first, either a 2nd gen iPod Nano in Silver or a G3 iBook, they were both around the same time.

    What Apple devices are you using currently?

    Too many. I bought the retina MacBook Pro a month ago to consolidate but that hasnít happened yet so the list stands as follows:

    13Ē Retina MacBook Pro 3.0GHz i7 with 16GB of RAM & a 512GB SSD
    iPhone 5 32GB
    Late 2009 21.5Ē iMac
    13Ē MacBook Pro with a faulty keyboard that I use for encoding video
    Apple TV 2nd gen jailbroken for Plex
    iPad Mini 1st gen 16GB WiFi only

    What Apple-related websites/forums/podcasts do you frequent?

    This mostly, I used to be a 9to5 Mac & TUAW reader but donít have the time anymore.

    One thing you could add to OS X?

    The option to move spotlight back to the top corner where it belongs. Seriously, it sucks now because I mostly use it as a calculator and it gets in the way.

    One thing you could change, or add to, iOS?

    Speed improvements, Iíd love to see iOS 9 not introduce anything new if it was just refined. Make everything intuitive and well designed

    Size of your iTunes library (number of tracks, apps, films, TV shows, etc.)?

    I keep my iTunes for Music only which is 42GB at last count or 6054 songs. Yes, I do know pretty much everything in my library.

    Do you own an iPhone? If so, which model/colour?

    iPhone 5 32GB in black purchased 2nd hand when the 5s came out. Upgrades since then haven't been justifiable though the 6s might get a look.

    Do you own an iPad? If so, which model/colour?

    iPad Mini 16GB WiFi only in white/silver though this will probably change to an Air 2 with 4G sometime in the near future or I might wait until the Air 3.

    What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch?

    Meh, itís cool but Iím not a fitness freak nor do I feel the need to have information available on my watch when itís in my pocket or on my desk already. Though OzRunways are working on a cool app that could sway me into buying one just for that.

    Out of the Sport, Regular, or Edition, which Apple Watch model is for you (including size and band)? And price?

    The smallest, cheapest one in sport, seriously my wrists are too small for anything bigger than that. Maybe an Air model in the future will suit me better.

    If applicable, what does your other half think of your interest in Apple?

    The right (creative) side of my brain likes it just as much as the left (maths, etc). If I did have an other half theyíd have to like Vee Dubs & Macs. Iím not totally obsessed like I once was.

    Apart from the world of Apple, what are your other hobbies and interests?

    Flying to random places I would never have otherwise bothered going to and just aviation in general. It has a real sense of community, rarely will another plane taxi or fly past you and not give you a wave or ignore you at the fuel bowser. I like that.
    Cars. I drive a VW Golf and love it. Like iMic I've spent quite a bit of time underneath cars doing various things to them and learning as I go though I tend to stick to installing electronics in them except for last weekend where I removed the gearbox from a Subaru. Occasionally I'll do a bit of woodworking, never as much as I would like but the small bits here and there like the table I'm typing this from are enjoyable to build.

    Do you use or have Protection for your Mac?

    My Retina MacBook Pro lives in a neoprene sleeve when out and about. Wait, you mean virus protectionÖ No, a recent backup is enough and I use an isolated virtual machine if Iím heading to some shady area of the internet then I just nuke it and start fresh if I have to.

    When did you join MacTalk and why?

    My iBook G4 (the 2nd laptop I bought) fell off the side of my bed, broke the DC-in board and I needed help. Iíd be on the site before that but never signed up. Think I was pointed to iFixit and I did manage to repair the board, to this day it's the hardest laptop I've had to repair.

    When did you start writing for Mactalk?

    Never, I canít write anything of any interest so I donít bother. I started moderating in late 2013 from memory.

    Best memory from the forums?

    The Apple store is down powerbook G5 FTW!1!1!!!!111!!11!!1 thread around 2010 was always great entertainment. Aside from that, probably waking up at 4am for the iPad announcement and joining the live chat with others doing the same.

    If you could run MacTalk for a day, what would you do?

    Turn it back to the old blue and orange theme and make the front page run on Wordpress again. The theme would probably only be fun for a day but Iíd enjoy it. Or maybe Iíd stick little Steve Jobs figures in random spots have them appear for a few seconds then disappear to make people question whether they saw them or not.

    Finally, which one member do you want to see interviewed next time?

    What about MissionMan?
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