• Monday News

    With WWDC fast approaching attention is turning to the relaunch of the Beats Music service. After the reports of Apple trying to end the free streaming on Spotify Re/Code reports that Apple will have some free features in their new service. According to Re/code there will be a free trial period, which may extend up to three months, depending on how negotiations with the labels conclude.

    The Apple Watch isnít the only new product to not be available for purchase in store. The new 12-inch MacBook has also been an online order only but 9to5Mac are now reporting that they should be in store before the end of May. In a memo to staff Apple has indicated it will be in stores globally from 25 May.

    The battle between Apple and Ericsson has gone up another notch, with Ericsson launching patent lawsuits against Apple in a number of European countries. According to Macrumors Ericcson has filed lawsuits in Germany, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

    Just because you can do something, doesnít mean you should. I think the following fits into that category. 9to5Mac report that a developer has hacked the Apple Watch OS to get a web browser running on it. Now that doesnít seem very useful but in fairness it could indicate the a jailbreak may be possible down the track.

    The impressive figures for iPhone sales continue to roll in, this time from comScore. 9to5Mac have reported that the latest comScore data has Apple increasing its share of the US Smartphone market to a total of 42.6% of smartphone subscribers. That is a 1% increase from the December quarter numbers. Samsung held onto second place but lost some 1.4% of subscribers according to comScore. However Android remained the most popular OS with 52.4% against 42.6% for iOS.

    On those happy numbers we will bring the news to an end for the day and see you all tomorrow.

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