• Friday News

    With talk of Apple being looked at by various agencies over its behaviour towards music labels and its upcoming relaunch of the Beats Music service, it appears Spotify is looking to ramp the fight up. According to a report at the Verge, Spotify is also not happy with the way Apple applies its 30% share of App Store sales. This in their view forces them to raise their price giving Apple an unfair advantage with its service, which doesn’t face the 30% impost.

    Apple has been honoured by the American Foundation for the Blind as one of four honourees for the Helen Keller Achievement Award. Apple is being nominated for its VoiceOver technology across its products. Apple receives many awards but no doubt many will be very pleased at this one and the way its VoiceOver technology is helping the blind.

    You might recall the charity auction being run for a lunch hour withTim Cook and two VIP invites for an upcoming Apple Event. Well the auction has finished and raised US$200K for the RFK Centre. That is an impressive number but as Macrumors notes it is down on pervious years and the US$610K for the first such auction.

    For the tech heads out there, Ars Technica has given us a look at just what is on the S1 chip inside an Apple Watch. In short a lot, in fact a pretty staggering amount. An interesting find was the the CPU and GPU are they are being made using the Samsung 28nm process, rather than the current 14nm. That seems to leave some room for Apple to use the14nm chips in future releases.

    No doubt it has been in the works for awhile and isn’t linked to falling iPad sales, but Apple has unveiled a new iPad dedicated site called “Everything Changes with iPad”. The aim of the site appears to be to show how the iPad can be used in most aspects of our lives. As you would expect from Apple there is even a great video to highlight just how many ways it can.

    So I will leave you to think how you are not making the most of your iPad and see you all again on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

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