• Wednesday News

    There seems to be some confusion around if we will see the relaunched Beats Music service in June at WWDC. Reports from Billboard indicate that Apple doesn’t have the deals in place to allow that launch time. However 9to5Mac say their sources say that is not the case and the new service will launch then. In fact they say the launch will occur in late June with the release of iOS 8.4 and iTunes 12.2.

    Following the report yesterday that Apple may be being looked at by the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission, Bloomberg has added their weight to the rumour saying that yes, the Federal Trade Commission are looking into if Apple is using its position as the largest seller of music downloads through its iTunes store to disadvantage services like Spotify.

    Is Apple about to add DNA to the Research Kit range of Apps? The Technology Review Apple is working with some researchers to launch an App that would offer some iPhone users the chance to get their DNA tested. Seems there is a long way to go but Apple may be pushing to have it ready for WWDC. Not sure if I am ready to share my DNA information but this could be an interesting one to develop, though the privacy concerns around DNA would presumably be pretty big to overcome.

    The Apple TV received some updated channels overnight and for once Australia was on the list. According to the Macrumors report Fox Sports has been added in Australia. The report doesn’t indicate if it requires a Foxtel subscription to watch or if it is a standalone app, sadly work won’t let me go home to check it out! So if anyone is near your Apple TV, let us know in the comments.

    Since I have set you that homework, lets wrap the news up for today and see you all tomorrow.

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