• Monday News

    We have more pointers to a possible iPad Pro being in the works, this time we have a video from Unbox Therapy that sets out to show the difference between the rumoured new iPad and the current gen iPad Air 2. It seems according to 9to5Mac that this and recent cases are being based on some rumoured specifications that have been floating around lately. Anyway just the straight up size comparison is worth the look, even if the rest is off the mark.

    One of the rubs on the Apple Watch is the, as some see it, short battery life. Since its releases accessory makers have discovered that there is a hidden 6-pin port in the strap slot. That has caught the attention of the makers of the upcoming Reserve Strap Accessory, who 9to5Mac inform have announced that they intend to use the port to charge the Apple Watch on the go. Seems like a nice solution but it is unclear if Apple will allow that, time will tell I suppose and of course you have to think what it might do to your warranty.

    Meanwhile it seems some Apple Watch owners are finding they have a sticky Digital Crown. The high tech solution suggested by Apple via Macrumors is, a water rinse. Yep you read that right, in its own official support documents Apple suggests holding the watch under fresh water for 10-15 seconds should fix the problem. Apple does stress that soaps and other cleaning products should not be used.

    We all love our Apple videos of how their products are made. Now it seems Samsung is a fan as they have released a video on the Galaxy S6 that shows how it makes the curved display. The video is clearly influenced by the Apple ones but it has to be said it is a good video. You can check it out at the Cult of Mac article, I donít feel like showing a Samsung ad here no matter how good it is!

    On that happy note, that Samsung has yet again it seems had to copy Apple, we will end the Monday News.

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