• Friday Morning News

    Are we about to see a new Apple TV? 9to5Mac have picked up that the shipping times for the Apple TV have slipped out to 1-2 weeks. Previously it had been speculated that we might see a new version at WWDC in June and the changed shipping time could be a sign of Apple clearing channel stock and slowing production ahead of that.

    At the last WWDC Apple announced an App Analytics tool for developers. Not much has been heard about it since but overnight Apple begun offering developers access to the feature. It seems to be a limited roll out with 9to5Mac reporting that access is being granted on a first come first served basis to developers when they register.

    On the back of the lower iPad sales at the quarterly results announcement earlier this week, IDC has just released its latest Worldwide Tablet Tracker. Macrumors reports that the iPad remained the number 1 tablet, but it saw its market share slip -22.9% year on year. This compared to an overall market drop of -5.9%. Lenovo and LG Electronics were the two winners both increasing market share. In the case of LG electronics their market share jumped a rather staggering 1,423% as the shipped 1.4 million units as opposed to just 100,000 a year earlier.

    On the earnings call the other day, Tim Cook noted the early days of the Apple and IBM partnership as one of the reasons for his optimism on a future increase in iPad sale numbers. That partnership had another announcement overnight with an announcement of an agreement with Japan Post to Monitor the elderly. According to the 9to5Mac report this builds on the current arrangement where postal workers check in on elderly residents. Under the arrangement the elderly will be given iPads to allow closer monitoring and the data will then be analysed by the IBM Watson computer.

    The other follow up from the earning call is the usual filing of the 10-Q report. One thing that caught the eye of 9toMac is a reference to possible ‘material’ back taxes on its Irish Tax arrangements. Whilst Apple notes is disagrees with the European Commission that their arrangements are state aid, if notes that if the commission were to find against Ireland then it could face back taxes for up to 10 years and such an amount could be material.

    Macrumors also carries the story of the deep look at the just what is on the S1 chip sitting inside the Apple Watch. They discover and confirm the 512 MB of RAM and it seems are surprised at some of the suppliers of the various components on the chip.

    We know Tim Cook doesn’t rate the ‘how much it costs to make things’ posts online, but sorry Tim my job is just to report them. The latest is a breakdown of the what the parts cost in a Apple Watch Sports. Macrumors reports that HIS Suppli have listed it all out and come up with US$83.70. Now of course that figure makes no allowance for the R&D that goes into making the product and I am sure Tim is just shaking his head at that figure.

    That is all the news for this week and see most of you Monday morning with AppleSauce in your inbox and of course Monday Morning News.

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