• Thursday Lunchtime News

    We still donít have any official word on how the launch on the Apple Watch has gone but people are stepping up to have a guess. The latest is KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who 9to5Mac report has estimated that pre-orders will be in excess of 2.3 million through May. He sees production running around 2.5 million a month and in part back solves the current production rate based on the delivery times so far.

    Meanwhile Apple itself is trying to find out if all those try-on appointments led to sales. 9to5Mac have picked up that Apple is following up customers who had try-on appointments to gauge their reaction and if the appointment is leading to them placing an order.

    If you canít get in for an appointment or just canít be bothered to make one, you can of course visit the dedicated Apple Watch Guided Tour at the Apple site. That has just been updated with some new videos around phone calls, Siri, Maps and Music.

    For a long time despite having a lower market share, Apple has led Google in revenue from their respective app stores. Macrumors reports that the trend continues with the latest numbers from App Annie showing Apple increased its lead by 10% points in Q1 2015. This was despite Google play having 70% increase in downloads in the quarter. This reverses some recent gains the Google Play store had been making.

    Somewhat lost in all the hype about the Apple Watch was the fact that the new 12-inch Retina MacBook also went on sale. As you would expect with any new Apple product iFixit staff have grabbed hold of one and torn it down. Now some will like going through the step by step process on iFixit, but for everyone else Macrumors has a summary of the key finds including an iPad like battery connector and details about the Force Touch Trackpad.

    We close out the news today with an auction that you might find interesting. Tim Cook is auctioning off a lunch at Apple HQ with him and two VIP passes to an Apple keynote. You might recall the same auction last year and that raised $330,000 for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. Oh and jus tin case your wondering the meal is included in your winning bid!

    Enjoy the rest of your day people!

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