• Meet the MacTalkers 2015 #2 - Lawrencium

    Meet the MacTalkers

    Welcome MacTalkers to our mid weekly edition of 'Meet the MacTalkers'. The first MacTalker that we got an insight into was iMic on Saturday, so today we bring you his 'interview' request, Lawrencium. Similarly to iMic, Lawrencium is a MacTalk 'Writer' who is working behind the scenes to revitalise MacTalk. Well thats enough from me, so sit back and enjoy getting aquatinted with Lawrencium and his green owl.


    What does your username and avatar mean?

    I thought it was kind of great that an element shared its naming origin with myself (Lawrence), so of course I adopted it. It's probably not the best element, either, but it exists (103, Lr).

    I do have a particular fondness for owls, and my favourite colour is green, so what is better than a green owl? Exactly.


    Full-time secondary student (final year). Not quite university, but soon enough.


    The fantastical Adelaide.

    What's your poison?

    I take it that this means alcohol? Personally, I don't drink, but if I absolutely had to choose something, it'd most likely be a fine, aged whisky.

    One strange fact about yourself?

    Hm, where do I start?

    How long have you kept your mobile number for?

    My current mobile number has been with me since 2011, when I also acquired my first smartphone (not an iPhone).

    When, where, and how did you realise Apple is the way to go?

    My very first experience with an Apple product was actually a sibling's pink iPod mini c. 2005-2006. I thought it was such an amazing device, and as I now recall, my fascination with iPod started around the time it was first announced (and I had made a fake iPod in class in primary school). Since then, there has been a steady "drip" of Apple products in our household. The rest is, as they say, history.

    What's in your Dock?

    Ooh... left-to-right: Finder, Launchpad, Calendar, Reminders, Mail, Microsoft Outlook 2016, Messages, Telegram, App Store, Safari, Firefox (Beta), iTunes, Spotify, 1Password 5, iStudiez Pro, Pages, Microsoft Word 2016, Pixelmator, Illustrator and Photoshop CC, System Preferences, and Trash.

    Worst OS X application you have used?

    Well, I do not recall any particular third-party applications, as I often insta-delete them when I discover their terribleness - as iMic has also stated.

    As for built-in OS X applications, probably Time Machine (the animations can be quite slow, and the UI is somewhat confusing when you're new).

    If you ever met Steve Jobs/Tim Cook, what is one question you'd love to ask, but wouldn't be able to bring yourself to do so?

    If I had the chance to meet Steve in the past, I would've probably asked what keeps him at Apple, and where he sees the company - and the technology landscape in general - is headed. I probably couldn't bring myself to ask what he enjoys eating, simply because it is too off-topic.

    Tim, on the other hand, I would most likely ask if he reads any of the Apple rumour websites, and general tech blogs. One thing I couldn't bring myself to ask is what his daily routine looks like (in great detail), and what he has for meals.

    What is your dream Apple Product?

    A smartphone which allows you to run any operating system on it (Apple could probably license Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.).

    Worst Apple product you've used?

    Probably the Magic Mouse (does that count as a product, or an accessory?) An actual product, though, I have no idea; they all perform and look in a similar manner (which is really good).

    Your first Mac/Apple device?

    First Apple device was a 2nd generation blue iPod shuffle.

    First Mac was a mid-2012, 11" MacBook Air.

    What Apple devices are you using currently?

    A Space Grey iPhone 6, a 13" Retina MacBook Pro, and a silver iPad mini 2. The trifecta, if you will.

    What Apple-related websites/forums/podcasts do you frequent?

    I frequent MacTalk (of course - and no, I'm not being paid to say that), AppleTalk Australia, /r/apple on reddit (and it's related subreddits), Connected (podcast), and Apple rumour sites such as 9to5Mac, MacRumours, et al.

    One thing you could add to OS X?

    The ability to have a file system browser like that of Windows (where icons automatically snap-to-grid, without having to dig into the preferences for each sub-folder, or set Finder-wide defaults). Oh, and native window snapping (also like Windows).

    One thing you could change, or add to, iOS?

    That awfully large volume indicator that obstructs your screen, especially as the only relevant segment are the thin, horizontal volume bars.

    Size of your iTunes library (number of tracks, apps, films, TV shows, etc.)?

    ~765 MB of music, 241 apps, and 1 film. ~24 GB in total, according to my iTunes Media file.

    Do you own an iPhone? If so, which model/colour?

    An iPhone 6, Space Grey, 64 GB, unlocked.

    Do you own an iPad? If so, which model/colour?

    An iPad mini 2, silver, 32 GB.

    What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch?

    Honestly, I'm quietly - but certainly - bullish about it. I can see the mass-market wanting to wear one, as it looks more like a watch than a screen strapped to your wrist with plastic bands - even those who don't actually know why they would need one. I'm not entirely certain of the future of the Edition models; maybe they'll quietly* go away in the next Watch update cycle.

    *Just like the iPod Classic last September.

    Out of the Sport, Regular, or Edition, which Apple Watch model is for you (including size and band)?

    If price is out of the question: the Apple Watch Edition in Rose Gold (probably 42mm, although I don't know which size would fit my small wrist the best), with the matching white Sport Band.

    If price is a consideration: the Apple Watch in Space Black stainless steel, with the matching Link bracelet.

    If applicable, what does your other half think of your interest in Apple?

    Well, me, myself, and I all happen to be okay with my Apple infatuation.

    Apart from the world of Apple, what are your other hobbies and interests?

    I really like discovering new (and remembering forgotten) music and artists. I am also getting back into the Nintendo gaming scene, and plan to acquire a new 3DS XL sometime soon.

    Do you use or have Protection for your Mac?

    "Protection"? Well, I do not use an active anti-malware program, although I do have a file scanner on standby in instances where I would like to verify the contents of a zipped file.

    I do use a Speck SmartShell Case for my Retina MacBook Pro, which sees a lot of commuting and handling throughout the week.

    When did you join MacTalk and why?

    If I recall correctly, it was around the time rumours around a new Apple Store in Adelaide started piquing my interest; around January 2012. I happened across a MacTalk thread from a Google search, and wanted to make a comment.

    When did you start writing for MacTalk?

    Well, it's arguable whether I have actually started writing for MacTalk, but my first article was a review for the game Threes! in May 2014.

    Best memory from the forums?

    Well, there are a few. The most prominent would probably be around the launch of the iPhone 5 in September 2012. The forums were at fever pitch, and there were countless threads and replies being posted at all times, asking a whole variety of questions. It was amusing just to sit there and read every single word, from all of these members (both new and veteran).

    My second, and perhaps one that is active to this day, is the "Good karma - free to a good home" thread started by MissionMan in 2012. It truly captures what it means to be a member of MacTalk, and more broadly, what it means to be an Australian. Forgive me if that's too sappy.

    If you could run MacTalk for a day, what would you do?

    Whew, where would I start? I'd probably tidy up all of the various odds and ends that bug me. Maybe even set up an administration team, where members can vote who they'd like to see within their community perform maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements upon consultation.

    Finally, which one member do you want to see interviewed next?

    Hmmm What about Nibbles??
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