• Wednesday Morning News

    If WWDC is your thing, then get excited people,Apple has announced that it will be held on 8-12 June this year. This years event will according to Apple unveil the future of OS X and iOS. You can apply for tickets now and then Apple will randomly distribute them.

    Oh and if you do score a ticket, then please don’t take your selfie stick with you as Cult of Mac reports that they are on the list of banned items for attendees. Hopefully that is the start of them getting banned everywhere!

    The iOS 8.4 beta rolled out yesterday unveiled the revamped music app. 9to5Mac have sat down and had a play and posted their hands on. Overall the interface seems to be a bit more like iTunes in OSX, which I am not sure is a great thing. It also seems to be very much a first version, which of course is why it is in a beta, and it will be interesting to see how it develops over the beta releases.

    The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple had made another acquisition, this time a camera technology company called LinX. Macrumors for one has got all excited at the news, calling it ‘one of the company's more exciting acquisitions in the last few months’.
    This is based on their belief that the technology LinX has been working on could see some significant improvements in camera technology on the iPhone. They back that up with a deeper look at just what LinX brings to the table.

    Apple has followed through on its promise to make Research Kit open source, releasing the initial modules that can then be built upon in the open source framework.

    If Apple is hoping the Apple Watch will take teenagers by storm, Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster has some bad news. Macrumors have picked some numbers from his latest survey of US Teens, which found that only 11% planning on getting an Apple Watch. That is a 5% drop from his last survey. There was some good news however, with the iPhone and the iPad remaining the most popular in their categories.

    I would love to have some news about Apple Pay in Australia, but sadly still nothing much on that front. However it is interesting to note that it has been delayed in China, one reason according to MarketWatch is that Chinese banks are pushing back on the fee paid to Apple on each transaction. The other is that there is no iOS support for UnionPay cards, the only company that handles interbank payments in the country.

    That is all your Apple news for today, so see you all again tomorrow.

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