• Tuesday Morning News

    Ah Easter Tuesday, some of us are old enough to remember when this was still a holiday here in Melbourne.

    Anyway these days it is back to work and of course to keep you up to date with the Apple news of the day.

    Now if you are Apple employee reading this, you have extra reason to be happy this morning. 9to5Mac have got a copy of an e-mail to Apple staff from CEO Tim Cook where he announced that Apple Employees will get discounts on their favourite Apple Watch, with 50% of the sport and stainless steel models. If they are hanging out for the Apple Edition, they get a discount there also but will be US$550. Cook also informed them that there were over 1,000 apps submitted for the Watch already.

    Cook likely was firing an e-mail off to the chief of LG electronics after he finished that one to his staff. 9to5Mac report that LG in an explainer for 8K displays claims that Apple has announced it is working on an 8K iMac and it will be released this year. Now I might have missed it but like 9to5Mac, I am pretty sure Apple has announced no such thing. What makes this all so embarrassing is that LG are Apple’s biggest display supplier, so they would likely know if Apple was working on such an iMac.

    You might notice something different about your Apple Maps, they now include hotel reviews from Trip Advisor and Booking.com. Seems even Australia is included in the updated feature.

    Apple has long looked at China as a major market it needed to do better in and the news that its iPhone market share is now at an all time high will please them. Cult of Mac have picked up a market share report from kantar, which finds that Apple now has 27.6% of the Chinese market on the back of the major success of the iPhone 6. There were it seems mixed results elsewhere in the world however.

    In the interest of fairness since I told you about Samsung’s own bendgate with their Galaxy 6 edge, I need to let you know how they responded. Macrumors can help us out with that, noting that Samsung made the point that the force needed 110 lbs is far from normal, stating a person sitting with the phone in their back pocket normally exerts 66 lbs of force. They also argue that the backside of the phone is stronger and the test did not reflect this.

    So there you have the Apple, and a little bit of Samsung, news for today.

    Enjoy your day, particularly if you are still on holidays.
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