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    Many had hoped for a 4-inch iPhone 6 at last years launch. Their patience may be rewarded with pictures emerging of what is claimed to be the back shell of a 4-inch iPhone 6C. The shots were posted by someone called Future Supplier and were picked up by 9to5Mac. Of course there is no way of knowing if the photo’s are real but they do tend to support some recent rumours about a smaller iPhone being released this year.

    If you have an Android phone and have longed for an iPhone, then you will be happy to hear that Apple has rolled its in store trade in program for Android devices. Sadly it appears not to have launched in Australia but if you are in the US, France, UK, Germany, Canada and Italy.

    The iPad Pro remains clouded in mystery but some pictures have appeared at Macrumors today of what appear to be an iPad Pro shell. There is again no way of knowing if these have any substance, though accessory makers often mock up possible designs to work on their products. What makes there interesting is the possible inclusion of a second charging port, or maybe a USB-C port on the side of the device.

    Making iPhones isn’t only profitable for Apple. iMore, via the Wall Street Journal, report that on the back of the huge success of the iPhone 6 Foxconn has seen a 22% lift in profit, its largest profit lift in five years. On the back of those results Foxconn is looking to build a new US$2.6 billion display facility. Whilst it is not known who the facility is for, most speculate that Apple is the intended client.

    Likely many of us have made up our minds that we are/or are not buying the Apple Watch when it launches. However Michael Simon over at Macworld has posted an interesting piece on how the halo effect may be impossible to resist. I must admit that whilst I don’t intend getting one, I am sure once I see one and they hype is out there it may be hard to resist.

    We should also note that Tim Cook has signed up to “The Giving Pledge” promising to give away his entire fortune to charities, after setting aside money for his 10-year nephews college expenses.

    Have a great day MacTalkers!

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