• Wednesday Morning News

    So late next month when you wonder into your local Apple Store, just how will the employees look to get you to hand over your hard earned cash for that shiny Apple Watch? According to 9to5Mac the way they work will alter and they will focus on building trust and offering fashion advice.

    It seems though if you canít wait for the official release that you can get, to no ones surprise, a knock-off from China already. Re/code got a look at one up close and you will be shocked to learn it didnít stand up all that well on closer inspection.

    Apple has been busy in the software dungeon pushing out a new beta of iOS 8.3 to developers and public beta testers. For developers it is the fourth seed and for the public their second. The updates across the two OSís have been coming fast and furious of late.

    Force Touch on the Mac has only just been released but already third party developers are embracing the flexability it brings. iMore report that the latest is Ten One Design, who have updated their Inklet plug-in for Mac to support Force Touch. If anyone has a new MacBook Pro featuring Force Touch would love to hear how you are finding and if it is amazing as some reviewers are saying?

    The new book on Steve Jobs ďBecoming Steve JobsĒ has launched and there are plenty of early reviews around. I havenít got too far into my own copy this morning but I have to say it seems pretty good. You might be wondering why the book was even written, it isnít like there was a shortage of books on Jobs, but the authors Brent Schlenders and Rick Tetzeli tell the New York Times it was because they felt ďthere was nothing out there that documented how he changedĒ. Schlenders in particular had known for Jobs from his NeXT days and had seen the changes over 20 years. He felt the picture of Jobs was stuck in the pre NeXT days and didnít reflect how the changes had allowed him to become the successful executive he was in his second stint at Apple.

    That is all for today, see you all tomorrow.

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