• Monday Morning News

    The Apple Watch pre release interviews continue with ABC News in America being given exclusive access to the health and fitness lab used to test the Apple Watch. Sadly for us there was a video up for a short while but ABC seems to have taken it down from YouTube at the time of writing. According to the interview the lab gathered over 18,000 hours of health and fitness data from over 10,000 workout sessions. That is a lot of sweat and implies that the health and fitness features should be pretty good straight out of the box.

    The Verge have followed up the Google and Tag Heuer announcement last week with an opinion piece, which makes the point that for their Watch to be a success it will need to support the iPhone. A large part of this reasoning is the focus on the type of users both platforms attract. Whilst I am not so sure about the claim iPhone owners are richer despite the data provided, plenty of figures over the years have supported that they are bigger spenders on their devices.

    There is no doubt that the drumbeats are starting to build on a new version of Apple TV. Buzzfeed are now reporting that it will be debuted at WWDC and the new version will be supported by an App Store and Siri integration. According to the report the new Apple TV will feature the current generation A8 chip.

    9to5Mac has reported on some interesting update in iOS 8.3 beta. Siri will allow you to request phone calls as you can now but on speakerphone. That might be handy say in a car, if you donít have connectivity with your cars audio system. In addition it appears it will also allow for the download of free apps and iTunes content without requiring a password.

    If for some odd reason you are still using Windows 7 under Boot Camp on your Mac, you might not want to upgrade to the latest MacBook Proís and MacBook Airís as Macrumors reports that Apple has removed support for Windows 7 from them.

    So an interesting start to the week, I am sure off the back of the Buzzfeed report plenty of sites will be trying to run down the Apple TV story and get some more details.

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