• Tuesday Lunchtime news

    If there is an advantage to running late with the news some days it is that some good stories can break late. That is the case today with 9to5Mac reporting on a Wall Street Journal story about a possible Apple TV online TV service with about 25 channels. Pricing in the US is said to start somewhere in the US$30-$40 range. Of course 9to5Mac have also carried recent reports about a possible thinner Apple TV and thinner remote control. As is usual there is no mention of Australia and as we know, deals like this need to be negotiated region by region due to various regional contracts.

    There is a new film about Steve Jobs debuting at SXSW called “Steve Jobs:Man in the Machine” and it is getting a bit of attention. However Eddy Cue has taken to twitter to say “Very disappointed in SJ:Man in the Machine. An inaccurate and mean-spirited view of my friend. It’s not a reflection of the Steve I knew” Cue however did have praise for the upcoming book “Becoming Steve Jobs” which he said was “well done and first to get it right”

    9to5Mac are carrying a story this morning that claims Apple is about to launch an in store phone recycling and trade in program, that will include non Apple phones. In exchange for the phones Apple will give away gift cards that can be used towards the purchase of a new iPhone. There is no news on if it will make it to the Australian stores.

    Macrumors meanwhile has picked up on reports that users are finding the anti-reflective screen coating is coming of their Retina MacBook Pro’s. According to the report the issue impacts models from mid-2012 to mid-2014. The responses from Apple to date are said to have been mixed, including Apple claiming that the issue is cosmetic damage and not covered under warranty.

    Apple continues to focus on its place in the community with the launch of a new program to encourage employees to help in their local communities. 9to5Mac report that Apple has unveiled the program called “Apple Global Volunteer Program” to employees, including in Sydney. The aim is to assist employees in organising, championing charities and events in their local communities.

    At the same time it has given its job page a refresh and perhaps, as many have noted, revealed a little bit of the packaging details for the upcoming Apple Watch. A photo at the site appears to include the packaging for the Watch bands. Apart from the picture capturing attention, the site aims to highlight diversity with new employees testimonials.

    Apple has rolled out the latest version of the OSX 10.10.3 beta 4 to developers and public beta testers. This comes only days after beta 3 was released.

    So there you have the Tuesday lunchtime news.

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