• Monday Morning News

    Clearly you canít attend 4 days at the Grand Prix and expect to get up at your usual time Monday morning. So the result is I didnít have time to finish the news this morning before work. So here is the lunchtime news round up.

    There has been a lot of excitement about the Apple Watch in the run up to it going on sale. However not everyone is excited about it or Smart Watches in general. In a recent study the Transport Research Laboratory found they are even more distracting to drivers than smartphones. According to a report on the Huffington post, via 9to5Mac, a driver takes 2.52 seconds to respond to an emergency manoeuvre when looking at a Smart Watch and this was slower than a phone at 1.85 seconds.

    Meanwhile people are still trying to piece together the Apple car story and find out just what Apple may be up to. The latest tidbit of information is that AppleInsider believes that the team working on the project may be located just up the road from the Apple HQ and a company called SixtyEight Research may be linked to the development. According to AppleInsider a number of changes have been made at the site that relate to work around the car industry. Of course Apple is always working on new products and many donít see the light of day, so just because a team may be working on some auto related project doesnít mean we will see an Apple car at some stage in the future.

    Have you come across an annoying bug/design in iOS, where when you typing in a search it appears as mactalk.daily.news? Seem you are not alone and those having a play with iOS 8.3 say that Apple has taken steps in the latest beta to fix the problem. The problem arises because on an iPhone in particular the period key is next to the space key and users easily hit it instead of the space bar. The fix is to make the space bar longer and hopefully meaning users hit that more often and leave the period key alone.

    I know there might be quite a few people around who will like this next story from Cult of Mac. They report that it may soon be possible to downgrade iOS after an upgrade. Now it needs to be said this wonít be an Apple solution but the reappearance of an application called TinyUmbrella, which allows users to back up their iOS blobs before an upgrade. With those saved, if you didnít like the upgrade you could then restore from the blobs and go back to the perviously used version of iOS. It seem the application has been missing for a few years but something has recently changed in iOS that allows it to work again. Needless to say this would be a very much a use at your own risk situation.

    We close out today with a story that seems to have got a lot of tech heads excited. We saw last week the debut in the Apple range of the industry standard USB-C. It turns out that according to non other than John Gruber, Apple actually invented USB-C. It seems Apple gave it to the standard body in the hope it would become an industry standard. However having turned it over it seems they are now not allowed to publicly claim it and it must hence forth be known as an industry standard solution.

    So we bring the Monday news to a close there and we will see you all again tomorrow at the normal time.

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