• Wednesday Morning News

    After the excitement of yesterday and it’s new products and Watch prices, things are a little more subdued today.

    Just about all the Apple Watch questions were answered yesterday, however 9to5Mac have been able to confirm a couple of minor points with the company. The watches will ship with 8GB of memory and will allow you to store up to 2GB of music on the device itself. Also you can only store a limited amount of photos on the device itself, with a limit of 75 MB imposed by Apple.

    Another item to cause a lot of discussion out of yesterdays event was the addition of USB-C to the new MacBook. If you would like a little more detail on just what USB-C delivers, and what limitations it causes then Macrumors has a great article addressing just those points.

    There was one other thing that quickly caught the eye of quite a few MacTalkers once the store went back up yesterday, an increase in prices. In case you think it was a case of the old Apple Australia Tax, think again. Macrumors reports that in fact prices went up in a number of countries and not just in Australia.

    We start off with Apple ramping up its efforts in the area of diversity, with the company confirming in a Fortune interview that it was partnering up with a number of non-profit organisations to help it recruit more women, minorities and veterans. To help with that effort it is committing more than US$50 million.

    You likely have read a few stories about the “Freak” exploit that impacted all platforms and some major websites. Apple has now pushed out a security update to address the exploit across all its platforms including iOS, OS X and an update for the Apple TV. So best to hit your various update methods to grab them ASAP.

    As you might expect there not a lot of other news today, with reviews of the Watch and new MacBook dominating all the major sites. So we will call it a day there and see you all around the forums.

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