• Friday Morning News

    Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac is saying that Apple will not be revealing a new Beats Music service at next weeks Spring Forward event , according to Gurman it will be launched at WWDC instead. In addition he also claims that Apple is still working on a redesigned slimmer Apple TV and that is also not expected until later in the year. He does however indicate that it should feature an App store when it finally debuts.

    They also bring up to date on a passing comment from the WSJ, that suppliers are gearing up for large shipments of the 12-inch Retina MacBook Air in the second quarter. If correct this is the strongest hint yet that we will see the new model MacBook Air unveiled at event on Monday. Though I should note that Macrumors and Cult of Mac read that as pointing more to a WWDC unveil, being at the end of Q2.

    However on the bad news front, particularly if you are hanging out for a larger iPad, Bloomberg is saying that Apple has pushed the production of the larger model back to September. The delay is being put down to delays in the supply of the display panels.

    To help make up for your disappointment at that news though the Wall Street Journal is saying that Apple is still thinking about adding USB 3.0 support and may even allow users to connect devices such as keyboards and mice. I suppose Jony has to do something with his time during the delay.

    Multiple reports suggest that along with the Spring Forward event Monday we are likely to see iOS 8.2 at some point next week, with the final version now with employees and carrier partners. It is expected that there will be some major steps forward for Health App improvements.

    So that is all for this week people, with the holiday on Monday we will be taking the day off and we will see you all on Tuesday, when all those remaining Apple Watch questions will have been answered.

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