• Thursday Morning News

    For the cord cutters out there your Apple TV might be about to get a little bit more appealing. The International Business Times is reporting that Apple and HBO are in talks that would see HBO offer their upcoming stand alone HBO Now service on the Apple TV. This would allow consumers to subscribe for HBO direct from their Apple TV, rather than needing a stand alone cable service. Now sadly it seems a fairly good bet that the service will be US only at launch and there is certainly no information in the article that would indicate a timing for a rollout anywhere else. Still many will rejoice at the chance to start subscribing for the channels they want rather than the bundles that Cable TV providers such as Foxtel force them to take.

    AppleInsider is running a piece that claims the next generation iPhone will ship with 2GB RAM and may also ship with the Apple Sim that debuted with the iPad Air 2. The Apple Sim however is said to be meeting resistance from carriers, who have previously forced Apple not to include it in the iPhone and limit it to only the iPad Air 2.

    There has been a bit of focus on the long rumoured 12-inch MacBook Air of late, however that doesn’t mean Apple has forgotten about the rest of the range. 9to5Mac report that the Chinese site Feng.com has posted details of what appears to be a slightly updated 13-Inch MacBook Air. According to the screen shots a slight processor spec bump and graphics upgrade might be on the cards. If true the timing might mean the upgrade may get a mention at the even next week.

    From time to time we mention some of the various patents Apple is awarded, though given the number they get that would be only a small fraction. The latest one to catch our eye is the patent to use wireless strength data for vehicle navigation. The patent has been spotted by Gigaom and according to their reading of it, allows the navigation to take account of wireless signal strength. So if for example you were expecting an important call or wished to have a ensure you had a signal for safety reasons, you could have the navigation take that into account and keep you on a route that supplied the strongest possible signal. Now as is usual with these patent reports, the granting of the patent does not mean that we will see this in any application anytime soon or if at all, however this one strikes me as one we will see at some stage.

    We will close out the news today with the news that Apple has picked up another award, this time for the …. Drumroll plese…. Most product placements in Movies in 2014. Yep you read that right, someone actually counts them and it seems the team at Brandcameo found Apple placements in 9 of the top 35 movies last year to earn them the gong. This broke the rather sad three streak of not picking up the award for Apple.

    I am sure that will take pride and place in the Apple Awards cabinet at Cupertino, and with that happy thought we end todays news.

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