• Tuesday Morning News

    We had mentioned previously that Apple was going to be opening the beta of OS X 10.10.3 to the public. They have now done that to members of the AppleSeed program, who can grab it from the App Store. Of course one thing many will be interested in seeing in the beta is the new Photos app.

    Some more information is coming out from Tim Cooks recent recent overseas trip. This time 9to5Mac report on comments Cook made during his German store visits. Among other things he talked up was the fact that the Apple Watch will be available outside the U.S. In April, of course given where he was he mentioned Germany in particular.

    He also told store staff there were a “ a whole ton of announcements coming shortly about all the apps coming” for the watch. Things such as hotel room check in, and door unlocking were some of the applications he talked up.

    It has been a bit of a sleeper since its announcement but Apple and IBM continue to push on with their partnership in the enterprise space. They have now announced three news apps for iOS. They are Advisor Alerts, Passanger Care and Dynamic Buy.

    AppleInsider is claiming that the next generation Phones will feature “Force Touch”, which we will see on the Apple Watch when it launches. They also claim there will be no return to a smaller iPhone this year with the normal S upgrade path being followed.

    In closing this morning we also need to note the 4 Corners report last night, which focused on working conditions at Factories used by Apple. It has ben followed up by a News.com.au article this morning. You might recall the airing of this program in the U.K back in December. Apple has labelled the report irresponsible and misleading, and directed people to its supplier responsibility page

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